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Spec Ops Pilot?

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This is a request for those with large libraries & knowledge of the SW EU ...

Are there any references for Spec Ops pilot crew?


I'm doing the 181st Fighter Group kit & would love to extend to spec ops. But, my main interest is in aviation, real world & in the SW universe.

As a custom, I can make logical extensions of the SW universe, linked with real-world references, to make "should be just off screen" stuff. Heck, in my head I am working out arge, complex, in-universe-accurate spec ops aviation stuff including a Sentinel gunship, derived for the AC-130, called "Hot Rain." Plus, wings squadrons, & an updated TIE Scout- developed as an extension of TIE a

Adv X1 tech.

Once I get my 181st approved, I will publish an "eve of Endor" detailing of all that


But, what I am wondering is:

Is there ANY reference in published works to an Empire era Spec Ops pilot?

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There is a Stealth Pilot in 1 episode- the one with the vanishing ship. I'm lookig into that one resdy.

I need a base-helmet, as my skills are not good enough to scratch one. Some ARF clone armour may be a decent base- with a chopped down chest & backplate & helmet. I need to look at the shoulders closer.

The best image I've found is in the DK CW vehicle cross section book.

That would be a CX, correct or am I mistaken?


there may be a soft white obe of the sameshape, but I need to look closer for thd proper context.

Most CW pilots are armoured, plus a chest box & tubes. There are at least 4-5 helmet shapes


Based on the teasers, I am expecting a Spec Ops pilot in Episode 7- esp with the supposed spec ops TIE.


My "custom" plan is a blacked out 181st kit- with a different, larger coverage vest- closer to actual flak jackets, not the present British pressure suit design (same as x-wing pilots).

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So ...

As of yet, no image of a Galactic Civil War-period Spec Ops pilot ...

What would one be like, as canon-as-possible?



Blacked-out 181st pilot?

(no-red stripe, black vest, black flight harness)

Something else?

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I still want to do this ....


Unless one appears in the new films, I'll do a 181st/Storm Commando blend- with primary leaning to 181st


I'll do another chest box with red buttons.


What does everyone think of a Scout helmet, with a hose coming out of the snout?

I may contact SC about another helmet.


So, plan, CRL-Style (for ease, not that that could EVER happen)



Plan 1: Typical TIE helmet (2 hoses)

Plan 2: Scout helmet, in black- modified nose greeblie- to include hose junction


Suit: 181st style, modified, slightly (made from my original planned 181st suit)

Ribbed red stripe, dark cogs, knife holder in code cylinder pockets (front 2 slots)


181st flight vest (gray), with charcoal harness


ALICE belt & suspenders, holds chestbox


Chestbox-roughly 6x8, based loosely on 181st boxes (A & B)- buttons in red & mid/darker gray, rockers? (will see if guy who made my 181st ones can make me 3 in gray)

Hose(s), helmet dependent, exit lower part of box sides, no 3rd hose


Scout cumberbund, black (under harness), with pockets

Room for it between vest & belt?


Scout gloves

Scout knee armour


Scout arm armour? if so, which parts? T & forearm?


Scout boots?

Jack boots?


A rough idea outline ...

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