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Getting TB armor paint

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Was wondering if I can make paint a TB armor to make it into a TX. If so what kind of paint or should I get an auto body place paint it?


Also where do I find the soft parts?


What are the best kind of boots?







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You sure can paint the armor. You can do either a gloss black or more of a satin. Just ensure that your decals are contrasting black.


Where are you located? I'm sure Chef will chime-in further.

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Shipping rates are tough as he's in the U.K., but you may want to hit-up Chef about the soft parts.

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Chef can cook you up some good stuff! ....see what i did there :P


I just got a B-grade Standard scout kit from SC and will be painting mine black as well. Im going to sand it first so the paint has something to grab. I do Fett armor paint commissions which are ABS and i sand em prime em and paint em and never have any issues with it, so your def good to go to paint! I think im gonna go the Satin route myself :)

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Yeah, painting Scout armour works fine. You may have a few running repair issues over time as it get's scratched and will need to be touched up to stop the white showing through.


Any automotive style paint should be fine, be it acrylic, 2-pack or cellulose. Just make sure you stick to the same paint all the time otherwise it will react and you'll end up having a nightmare.


Go for a satin based colour, and use gloss detailing.




As they've mentioned, as you're in the states, it's probably easier and cheaper for you to try and source stuff over there. Speak to Jeff at SC for your armour. He can do it in black, which alleviates some of the need for repairs.

The price of stuff over here is high, and the exchange rates and whopping shipping costs make getting stuff into the states a little prohibitive.


I can do it... It's just generally not worth your Dollar, when you can source it stateside. Shame... but that's life.

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