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Bolivian Scout Helmet?

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Looking for something else on Ebay, I saw a fiberglass Scout helmet the claims to be accurate & light- designed for 501st trooping by 501st members




Is that a good one or junk, like most Ebay stuff?


If good, I may be looking at a Shadow Scout before I do the standard Tie pilot kit. If good, that looks like something I would be interested in, along with SC hard bits

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If it's from Bolivia it's Christian's helmet. He does post his stuff on Ebay and I got my soft parts from him through his Ebay auctions. He does good work and people on the BSN forums have liked his helmet once they do get it. Unfortunately he can be a little slow, and US Customs is even slower in delivering it to the Post Office. People get his because it has the biggest inside dimensions and some of us have heads too big for an SC bucket to close properly.

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My 501st plans took a hit today ...

My "thought-ready-to-submit" RP/IC kit isn't due to the fact I hand-stitched the pockets onto the Red Kap suit (I don't have a sewing machine capable of doing it). The result isn't as "clean" as a machine, even if the material I used make it quite strong (nylon thread).

Without the ready-to-go black suit, my next kit may not be the standard TIE pilot. I'm working on a 181st FG kit.

I may convert the black suit to a Shdow Scout undersuit (remove pockets, add suede, etc).

So, any guudance is helpful.

I may get a red-striped 181st suit from MC, then save for a Shadow Scout.

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Well given that you are asking here at Spec Ops, our advice is going to be Shadow Scout 100% FTW.

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How much of the undersuit collar is visible on a Shadow Scout kit?

With the gloves and boots, the cuffs (leg and arm) should be fine as I have them, but no pockets.


So ... back to thread ...

I have a 23" round head. How does that compare between the helmets?

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