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Shadow Scout Build? Some questions


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My planned RP/IC kit can't be approved as I hand-stitched the pockets. I have no machine capable to redo it and it would be cheaper to but an MC than pay someone else to do it.

Main 4 sides:






So, I have a suit that fits, but no use for it.

If I removed the pockets, would that be a good basis for a Shadow Scout undersuit?


If so, I will have to get an MC suit for my 181st kit.

Then, I would look ay either:

Standard TIE pilot


Shadow Scout


Without the black suit for TIE, it becomes a much closer price between the kits.


Are the SC "B" kits that far off the A ones?

I'd want to so a "used" Scout regadless, so some imperfections would be "good."


In all Star Wars, I'm mainly interested in the pilots and the Shadow Scout, period. So, this is the main "other" kit I'm interested in doing.

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Looking at a white SC b-pull kit

Should that be approvable?


Says are minor issues, so shouldnt be a problem.

I hope so. (I hope)


Trying to turn lemons into a cocktail ....

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Thats what i got...SC b-pulls. Some parts have a little orange peel, some parts have wrinkles at the edges or a little wave in the plastic. Definitely useable. The worst part of what i have is one of the outer belt parts the "block" is pulled crooked, so i had to fudge it a little to get it straight. Its not perfect, but it not noticeable unless you really really look. The box part looks straight it just ended up the top edge on the end where you would put the rivet is very slightly sloped downward.


As for the jumpsuit, i think you could use it if you remove the pockets. You'd have to add the suede/elastic on the legs though.

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Yeah, all the pockets and stuff would need to come off and the suede patches and flaps etc be put back in.



What you should do John is to grab yourself a cheap sewing machine of eBay.


Look for a real old Singer model, say a 457 or even an old hand crank 99K. They sometimes come up nice and cheap. But with that, you'll be able to do practically anything. You've got the attitude for it, so I say go get yourself one and get cracking.


The joy then is you'll be able to make practically anything.

Here's something James was able to knock up for me on his 457.




The 99k will sew leather up to 10mm thick too.



I advise everyone to get themselves a sewing machine.

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