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WEG Seatrooper

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Hi all

I've been lurking in the shadows for a while now reading and re-reading the threads here and looking at the reference images. The last posts on any of the threads here were in 2013. Has anyone progressed this further?

I am seriously interested in building a WEG Seatrooper once I have completely some of the smaller costume builds (kids size!) that I am currently working on but was wondering where others had got to? And also what the process is if the CRL has not yet been approved?


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Hi Mark.


I don't think anyone has actually got 'anywhere' with it to be fair.


I've made a start on the tanks on the back, but this was done ages ago and essentially hasn't gone anywhere since.







Basically it's taken a bit of a back burner at the moment due to a rather massive workload and the requirement to make a stack of new bucks for the chest, helmet, drop boxes and shins.

I will get round to finishing it off at some point. Just need to clear the decks a bit first.



The process is that it would need to be built and is then submitted to the LMO (legion clearance dude) for 'clearance' and creation of the CRL onto the roster.


I will happily work on the CRL (it's my job!).


It's a bit of a mission, but hopefully what with the elections out of the way, and a few other hurdles taken care of, the process is being streamlined a little so it may be a less drama.



We just need the costume progressing (and yes... I know that probably means I need to get my arse into gear!).

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This project sounds like it is under water, get it?

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While there is a break in the waves of wit that are washing over me I'll change a habit of a lifetime and be serious for a moment :-)

I'm gonna give this a go. Making bucks etc is new to me so the build may take a while but as some as I get up and running I'll post a WIP here :)

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It's like staring into the deep abyss. The crushing force will make you feel like you're drowning on occasions.


But you'll take the bait and it will have you hook line and sinker.


But if you do need a lifeline, just make a splash.

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At any rate, I'm glad that we haven't decided to Deep Six the program.

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You guys are too funny. :P Anyway, if you need any help with this project, let me know. Been through the new trooper approval process a few times and can offer some insight for you.

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