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No Toe!

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As the title suggests... my new "No-Toe" style cummerbund.


This one is a bit big on me, as it's actually for someone else!






Based on the new information concerning the scout bunds. I've altered the pattern a little. Hopefully eliminating the dreaded 'Camel Toe' effect.

(It's not wonky in real life... I'd like to claim something about a 'big package', but in truth I just can't dress myself).

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looks great! I did a similar quick fix to my scout bund and its much better. When i do the one for the TX i will likely do it the same. Is it still sewn to the bund or a separate piece you velcroed on. Im gonna guess you didnt sew it to the vest or anything that extreme lol.

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What did you do exactly to eliminate the "toe"?

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I actually took a piece of foam board and cut it to match my cod area and used fabric glue to glue it to the underside. The fabric can't turn in on itself since the board holds it tight.



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What did you do exactly to eliminate the "toe"?


Sorry Todd, missed this one.



It's some careful shaping of the cod section is what does it. Rather than the usual 'triangle', and using foam inside rather than wadding.

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