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Scout/Commando Weapons?

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As the "Shadow Scouts" are the SEAL/Delta-Force type commandos in the Empire, I have a question:


What arsenal do they operate with?

Thermal detonators


Hold-Out blaster




Items I dont know which make, but know type:

Disrupter rifle

Projectile/slug rifle



What about other weapons?




What would be in the inventory that I'm not thinking about?



Real world equivalent:






Of couse, all isnt carried at once... only what is needed for the mission

Spec Ops-> light & fast

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The background source material suggests that Storm Commandos are trained to use practically any weapon they are likely to come across.


The standard weapon is the E-11 but also particular reference is made to the "oppressor flamethrower" and the T-21 Light Repeating Blaster.


As mentioned, they are very 'mission specific' and weaponry would largely be dictated by the mission parameters. However their primary functions are stealth and infiltration.



So some Mega-repeating, heavy blaster concussion cannon with attached grenade launcher and bayonet would probably just look rubbish.

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So some Mega-repeating, heavy blaster concussion cannon with attached grenade launcher and bayonet would probably just look rubbish.


But, of course!


I thought I was within days of 501st approval (IC/RP), but now that is more like months away. The failed suit will become my scout undersuit.

So, until I get my SC Scout armour and start work on it, I figure I would see if I can assemble (or at least begin) some appropriate kit.

My 181st chest box is in the midst of painting (not easy when it keeps being cold and rainy around here) and sanding out flaws revealed in painting. The helmet is awaiting replacement hardware, lost in transit (box destroyed and soaked-> no idea how).


No stupid stuff, trying to stay in-universe and "true" to both the universe and real-world spec ops (which I've been reading about when unable to work on kit and not at work itself).


What is the "correct" length of the T-21? I wonder how hard it would be to make a credible version?


Also, I keep reading about people "converting the Nerf Longshot" ... into WHAT?

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The T-21 was basically an old Lewis gun. So what ever length that was!

Yeah, I realized that after the above post. It's a slightly, cosmetically altered:



And Nerf guns... er. No.

As tha trooping gun ... no. Of corse not.


There is the shot of a scout with the N-strike shield visible on the black gun (I would hot-link, but I can't find it quickly.


What I have, which is on hand, is to practice technique (and for my Scion xB long-term project), not for trooping.

I was more curious as to what people keep making the LongShot into ... as I didn't see anything even close to it so far in SW.


That said, ... using the back-part of the "Build Your Own Blaster" (Clone Wars) as the back-core of a DLT-20 did cross my mind. Though, I think the distance between the handle and the stock isn't enough. So, it won't look "right" for anything I can think of.


I wish I had actual shop tools ...

I'd use one of the BYO Lewis kits I've come across.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Let me re-look into this ...


Thanks to Ebay, I got some non-firing (basically, returned to seller) M-16/AR-15/M4 "airsoft" guns, as part of a lot. One is significantly heavier and slightly larger than the other 2, which are exactly the same size. One of the smaller ones has the original-style barrel, while the other is the newer "rails" barrel. The larger one looks that that currently used.

Right now, I plan to leave the big one alone, till I get better at this ...


For the smaller two, I'm wondering which approvable-for-trooping blasters I can make them into.

As the Endor-version A280 was built out of Colt AR-15s originally, that was my first thought. Yet, it seems to be more alterations there than I realized, esp. for a first-attempt at something like this. I would need the Rebel-Legion kit I don't have a link for to make it work ....



What about aomewhat more obscure stuff?

Would the rebel E-17d be buildable, with the M4 "core," a trimmed down stock (with a larger "plate" on the end, to match the A280/295 look), and a long barrel built into the rail area. The upper part coule support the barrel structure, with the rest adapted around it?



What other ones should I look at?

For these 2, I hope to keep the "spirit" of the original (less major gun mods, with more using simple greeblies, not "halo"-esque like the Mando folks).

Is there one out there that would be perfect?



As one of the Ebay lot was an Uzi, I hoped to use that for the Super-Trooper/Boba-prototype one (using the flash core barrel). But, the actual airsoft is absurdly small- like 1/2 sized, or so. It would make a good grip=core for a bazooka or missile launcher (Stinger-style).

It also included 4 pistols, all in the general style of the Colt 1911. 2 were laughably small and cheap-looking, while the the other 2 are metal and look real.


Are there any pistol blaster built out of this style pistol?


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No commentary or suggestions?


I'm not looking to go wild. My aim: 3 weapons-

Boot-holdout blaster

E-11 in holster

Something on a sling (aiming at 34-42 inch range, not a 4' sniper rifle)


On Ebay, I got decent deals on these 2 lots of "non-firing" airsoft/BB guns":




Plus, I got a correct-scale/sized Skorpion Vz. 61. I love the looks of it and simply would love to make something usable out of it.


I was planning to make a "super trooper"/Boba-prototype blaster out of the Uzi, bit it is too absurdly small to work. That Uzi would, however, work for a missile-launcher/bazooka-style weapon's trigger and handle.


In the big lot, on of the M-16/M4 rifles sent was the modern-style barrel, not the older style one-> but it is a heavier, more realistic one than the weirder one with the plate-thing over the stock left out.


I figure I can make 4 different guns, starting with one that is more of a "learning" attempt, with the later ones being better.

Wnat canon-types are those good bases for?


I figure an A280 or A295 (Shadow Scouts are supposed to use Rebel guns in some sources/missions-> so that parallels real-world Spec Ops use of local-weapons in ops).

The black shotgun-looking one may be a decent base for the M44/StG44-based Hoth one.

What about an E-17d rifle?


What should I be researching?

I am looking for suggestions and guidance for something(s) that can be troopable-approvable once finished.

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Sorry bud... I've been mass busy with other stuff going on.


Where possible, I would try and emulate what already exists in the SW universe. So keeping to the AR15 (armalite range), Sterling, MG34/42, StG44, with Broom Handle Mauser and Ruger Mk1's would be a real good start.


Out of the ones you have in the pictures... I would say the centre left of the top picture is the one I would say is most 'ripe' for conversion.

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Here we are. I mean, since it's a source, technically you could aim for the blasters in the picture, although it is of note that it's not actually an approved source for Shadow Scout, unless we wanna go full tilt on the Shadow Scout=Storm Commando argument. Not my place to say, I'm just throwing that out there.


- Master Tej -

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Also, I keep reading about people "converting the Nerf Longshot" ... into WHAT?


Into something only the Mando Mercs would accept.... (Love the Mercs!; Hate modded Nerf guns that just look like painted nerf guns)

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go full tilt on the Shadow Scout=Storm Commando argument


What argument... They are Storm Commandos.



That picture highlights a real good point. That rifle in particular looks very similar to an M14 (with a few subtle changes). Which is the same period rifle as the Sterling, MG42 (or later Yugo M53), AR15's and the such like.


So it's not 'too modern' at all.


It's just not 'significantly different' to hide its origins.



Just as an example... And not Starwars, but the principle is the same.


M1A1 Thompson and SPAS12 combo (not forgetting the 870 internals).







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Upon receipt of the bottom image they are much better than I expected.

The black one is a 1960s spec ops variant of a 1950s Heckler and Koch assault rifle/pistol and roughly the size of a Sterling. With a longer barrel (with holes?), plus some "star wars greemlies" that would look neat.



The clear one might actually make a decent base for something. Like ...






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What argument... They are Storm Commandos.


Eh, like I said, it's not my place to say. Hell, I'm not even technically a member of Spec Ops, so I was just throwing some things out there, is all.


I will agree that the rifle looks like an M14, but I think it looks more like an EBR than a vanilla M14, which is gun that looks closer to what we have for firearms today, more modern, than, say, the Sterling.


- Master Tej -

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