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Hi! A New shadow project!


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Hi imperial guys!


I'm Mauri, a Royal Guard AOTC from the Spanish Garrison... I'm going to start this project with illusion!


The armor is bought and waiting for to arrive nervously!!!


Any advice for the boots, vinyl and gloves???


Thanks a lot and happy to meet you!!!

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Welcome Mauri. I'm not sure what you mean by starting this project with illusion. Are you building a Shadow Scout?

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I'm reacquainting myself with all the new information for projects myself. I kow there are other builds happening at this moment as well, so be sure to check those threads out to see if they have the resources you're looking for. :)

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For a shadow SCOUT?

Looks perfect for a Shadow Trooper, but the Scout uses a boot. The tutorial here is what seems to be the most recommended one:



I need to get the base-boot, then try it out. As I haven't even gotten the armour yet, I'm in no rush.

As it WILL get quite hot here in a month or 2, I'm waiting till then to wrestle the vinyl to fit.

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I´ve read all topic here about shadows... Very interesting...


A thing that is not clear for me is the material of the boots...The CRL says vinyl but is that leather like material? Is it the same? I show you a photo... Do you mean that??






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That material looks fine to me, and those boots should serve as a decent base.

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And the laces?


My boots have laces inside. You can do either way, but I like to be able to tighten my boots a bit.

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As for the vinil, in the CRL says "Slightly textured vinyl is acceptable". Do you think mine can serve?



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Hi again friends!!!


Today I´ve received my armor and helmet!!!


I have some quiestions about the CRL... As for the helmet, what,s the fish-hook logo and the manufacturer one?


As you can see in the photo, the part that can be elevated (helmet flare?????) has a kind of curve... Do I have to correct it? How???


Thanks a lot!!!





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Another question...


Any idea about how to hold the thermal detonator to the belt? Clips? Where to buy?


Thanks again!


And about the helmet no problem. It's going to be changed...

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