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Tiexalan's Shadowtrooper Work in Progress

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So, I might as well start this up, as I've been actually working on it. So without much more leadup. Here goes.



Worked on the bucket at an armor party, first armor party, and first cut into my kit.



This was the outcome of my work at the armor party. Bucket almost complete.



And...in all it's glory! Just need to perma mount my wireless mic box, and put on the tube stripes and it is fully complete. (for now)

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Bucket on the first one, Arm's on this one...



Started working on arms, worked on one bicep at the armor party, just to get me on the right track. Ran into a slight snag, however. We incorrectly set the bicep up for the wrong side, so now I have the correct width return edge on the back, I'm hoping when I get my undersuit and fit them to me, I can do it with the correct size return edge, and not have to redo the other side. With the exception of my right forearm, all arm pieces are complete and ready to be sized. (I've just been lazy and not cut the last return edge for the right forearm, it is ready to be glued if I do that)



Shoulder bell question. Is this return edge close enough, or should I trim it down a bit closer to the outer shell of the bell? I have not trimmed the sides of the bell yet as I am struggling with indecision on cutting or not any more on this edge.

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And now for the questions....as these pieces are not as cut and dry as the arms.



Chest piece....should I trim down the return edge on the sides, or leave them at this width? (I know I need to round them off a bit better)



Back Piece....do I leave a return edge to the first lip, or cut down past the lip before the bevel to the back plate? Fit seems to allow for both, as even without trimming this piece on the sides, it seems to fit fairly well.



Shoulder straps, where on earth do I cut these down to? do I follow the contour lines of the ribs, or do I cut out to just before the lip?


Button panel...do I cut out on the bottom of the first outline, or the second? and the 4 button one, I'm guessing cut out at the bottom of the lip making it a cut, or do I cut out at the top, and make it a flat panel? With using the buttons I got from Dave Mondo, I'm guessing I need to cut it at the bottom of the lip to have room for the back plates of the buttons.

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I think the return edges on your bells and so forth should be trimmed closer. Often you can see a line on the inside that will guide you. As for the ab plate, cut along the second, outside line. The idea is that everything should basically fit over the existing molding. WHy would you use Dave's ab buttons when yours are built-in so nicely? I'd save them for another project.

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Primer it with Rustoleum would be fine, then hit it with some gloss black Rusotleum. That should be good.

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I went with a rustoleum paint and primer in one gloss black, came out pretty good.


I am closing up my forearms and bicep pieces now.... Ran into a problem, I have minimum size strips on my forearms, yet they seem huge.... How can I fix that? I will post pics of what I mean tomorrow. ATA kit, if that helps you without the pics.

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Let's see the pics. If you can show them on your arm that's even better.

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Ok....so here is the one that has 10mm strips on both sides already....next few pics showing various angles and such.



At rest.



Arm pressed up against the side to show how much room I have a wrist.


Now, the other side, I have not glued, and to get the following room spacing around the wrist.....



I have to put close the piece down to this.......



So....does the one that is glued look ok, and just put foam to keep my wrist centered? Or do I go ahead and cut down to beyond the bend area to enclose it even more? as the second one?


please ignore the q-tips and sponge in the background.

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Detonator looks good. The photos of the arm are too close-up for me to have any real perspective. Maybe take a picture of you wearing the forearm in the mirror.

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Ok...already glued one, using existing bends and a 10mm strip....



My Tony Stark Impression....took gloves off to help with contrast.


And this is the one cranked down past the bent portions to make it fit....


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I wouldn't really go beyond the bend you skinny fellow. Instead I would trim down the the flat edges to a minimum and just go with a skinny cover strip. What do you think Steve?

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For the ab plate button pieces you want to take away the first layer part. They need to have box shapes around the buttons. Once I get home I can try to show you with my armor. Or drawings

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So, its beginning to look like armor....horrid lighting, but eh, it's good enough for now.


My button plates are not on yet, and I don't have my belt.....






And this last one, bad angle with my shoulder while taking the pic, which makes the shoulder strap look off (it isn't, and I don't have my elastic loops put on yet.)




So, any tweaks that anyone can give me at this point? I still need to put on my button plates, and put on my rivits on the left side...and sharpie over the seams on my under suit bottoms.

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So, test fit of the armor, (still missing right thigh, but you can't see that part)...I haven't completed my strapping, so my left forearm and shoulder bell twisted before the picture was taken....but hey, I actually look like a shadow trooper....


I'm hoping by the end of the week I will have it all complete except neck seal and my E-11 (which would be done if I could find the screws to put back together my hasbro conversion)




And it needs a really good polish.....

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Crap crap crap.... I just realized, my thighs...... I had been constructing them backwards.... So now I have to take them apart so that I make the correct fronts look correct, and move the correct looking backs to the back....

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