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So this is what happens when you don't Troop for a while!

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Well as many of you already know I am trying to get back into Trooping and with wonder con very soon on its way, I finally got my armor out and started to dust off the dust and see what needs to be done.




First things I tested was the easy stuff - Electronics


iComm - Well I plugged it on using my AKER amp and I got nothing, no voice, no static burst nothing. Bypassed the iComm and the aker amp worked with no issues. So a little research led me here http://www.voiceboos...com/costuming/. Found that the iComm battery has about 2 year shelf life with light use and 1 year with heavy use. So I ordered a new one for about 7 bucks shipped. Ill post my results when I get it and replace it to make sure that was the issue.


Evilboy Fan System - Well i already was having issues with the fan turning on and off do to loose connection at the battery pack, but then I ripped off the 2nd fan from the connector. ::SMH:: I contacted evilboy via Facebook here https://www.facebook...lboyCustomProps and stated that he will get my all fixed up. So I will be sending him this today in hope to get it before wonder con next week. Fingers crossed.


Next up - ARMOR


Well one thing I new but did not realize how bad it was, was that I gained some weight, and well everything fits very snug. The first glaring issue was the side of my AB. I am about 2 1/2 inches wider than used to be and now I have this...So i need some ABS plastice to cover it. Anyone have some ideas were to get some?



You can even see how far my belt used to go based on the velcro thats on the belt and now exposed as it no longer goes that far... hahaha... I will just peel that off...


Next was my belt system... my waist is no longer a 30 but a 33/34 so getting that sucker buttoned up was too funny, but that will be need to replaced. I will make a new one that has some elasticity to it.


Finally my right thigh is super snug now ( i guess my thighs got fat) and just will nearly fit..... So lots of work to do in 2 weeks.. Wish me luck..

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For shims I use sign material from Lowes or Home Depot and spray paint it. Scootch is great and delivers quickly, but you'll have to paint his stuff to as it is HIPS rather than ABS. You can Velcro your new shims into the armor if you'd like in case your weight fluctuates back or *ahem* further ;)

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i started a new HOW TO this week, but the belt did not work out the way I wanted too... but the concept was spot on.. I may try and use the pics I got to show how to do it, just inform people on the exact material to get and use my pics as reference. Thanks for having me back... I love this detachment.. you guys are the scariest of the troopers (i.e Rangers, Green Berets, of the group) yet we are all the nicest. :)

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