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Jokr's WIP Shadow Scout


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And today a "new world" officially opens up for me.


I received the SC armour in the mail.


I started helmet assembly, gluing the back to the top, then adding filler putty to the gap.


Now, I need to get my butt in gear and strip the pockets off my former flight suit (the failed TIE/RP one), then sew on the collar off my "parts" suit (Red Kap, I got three-> 1 black TIE, 1-181st, and 1 for material/parts).


I still need to get:

Suede (for legs and butt-flap)


Boots - and hot days to get the black vinyl (have from other projects over the years) to stretch, which will come later this year, most assuredly in South Carolina.

Cummerbund and cod-flap (will measure, now that I have the top armour part to get the top measurement

Vest and quilted sleeves

Hold-Out blaster (plan to get from DVH, as he kicked this into gear ... and makes a great product from what I understand)


Probably need to get more, that I'm not think of ...

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Too late tonight

Peoples sleeping ...

(Is just after midnight where I sit and type)


Plenty will be coming ..


I did forget the pouches. I will need to make those too.


I have the black twill and canvas, again-> from other projects.

Did ya'll use foam or batting to full the cummerbund/cod? I have some 1/4" foam (the green stuff) from a project from KC light covers. If that all works, I have the materials I need, for the soft-armour, just need measurements and guidance.

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Between entertaining 4 10 year old boys today, I worked on the helmet (added more putty to the seam, and cut out the visor hole, using the SC outline on the inside). I'm waiting on bolts/headband before I do any edge trimming, then painting on it. I want to make sure everything aligns when I bolt it up correctly.



I also trimmed the eyeholes of the TIE helmet. Next, it needs to have bolt-holes drilled, mohawk trimming, and more holes for bolts (bottom-sides and ear-wells).

I will be lining inside the teeth and the Scout ear-wells with a light-weight, breathable fabric (to let air through, but visually block the sight).


Back to the Scout ...

I need to sand all the armour, then paint black. The weather won't cooperate this week (either rain or cold- based on forecasts) for paint.


I now can size the soft-bits and may make them if I get the time this week. I will need the batting, 2" butt-strap, and suede.



In some illustrations, they have twin holsters in place of the hip boxes. Anyone done that? I assume they aren't troopable, even if in the original SS illustrations (WEG sources, for certain). If so, what pistols are in them? E-11?


Do SSs on here carry E-11s? If so, is it in the "standard" black holster, or slung over the shoulder?

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Great updates! Generally, batting for the bund.


How thick?


My foam (on hand) is the soft kind used as batting in some projects. I got it to replace some in KC driving light covers (kid flipped the light on, with the cover still on and melted/cooked the original stuff), not hardware store foam.

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For pilot/scout crossover folks, how does the L WW gloves of each type compare?

I have the L WW ones for my TI. Do the TB ones fit the same? Tighter? Looser?

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No progress on parts.

I have been moving the TIE helmet forward. Drilling holes in something that costs hundreds of dollars and made of thin plastic is nerve-racking for the first time. But, looking at original film prop images, I think it worked out OK. I have the ATA one, bought the kit, and have been working on it in "bursts" since my original suits failed approval, I ordered FAC ones, at the recommendation of the GML, and decided to use the black one as the basis of a storm commando/shadow scout.


My wife wants the kitchen table back ... so the TIE stuff needs to get finished and off my work space (meant to be temporary) ,,,


O have promised to do the SS stuff elsewhere.

Once the TIE helmet is finished, the chest box (181st, type B) repainted (and all the strange crazing to finally stop), and all that, I will be sanding the plastic S Scout armour and wait for the headband and correct bolts to arrive.

I will paint satin or semi-gloss based on what finish the coming-to-me TB decals come with.


So, everything gets sanded, paint starts after the decals arrive and weather cooperates, and helmet gets final cutting, sanding and paint once its parts show up.

Soft parts-> have material. Need batting, suede, and elastic for suit leg straps and butt.



DVH blaster


I have the vinyl for the boots, but no boots. Suggestions on boots?


Still need:

-gloves (leaning toward WW, but unsure of L or XL-> I have L TIE ones, which are snug, but good, If the scout ones are even slightly tighter, I will need the bigger ones.)

-A second DD Hasbro conversion kit- in my first, I screwed up the holes and "plated" over them. Also, I don't feel confident in my gluing job on the back strap-mount-> as I plan for the scout E-11 to have a shoulder strap (as seen in the comics).


A for which gets done first ... 181 or Shadow Scout ... all depends on how long FAC takes to deliver the suits I ordered from them (one to keep black for RP/IC and a future regular TIE, one to add blood-stripes for the 181st).




My plans for the custom "Spec Ops Pilot" have shifted, as I will have full sets of 181st and S Scout:

Core: black TIE flight suit (or my hand-sewn red-striped one, with some changes to it), with 181st vest, harnesses, and box

TIE helmet (don't think a blended custom one makes sense or would look "right"- as the TIE screams "pilot")

Arms and Legs: Shadow Scout armour.

Boots: probably Scout, as that holster gives interest and a blaster that actually makes sense.


I will say that the Scout helmets is far more practical, from a costume perspective. The TIE is HUGE and still hard to see out of, while the scout allows head movement and you can see out of it. (Been playing with partially completed helmets)

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Got more parts, inc Tro-B decals

Waiting on helmet bolts/headband, and the pollen to quite falling to paint.


I thought I would have time during my family's spring break ... didnt happen

Worked a lot this week, as coworkers took family vaca.

(& had to spend the time not entertaining kids & kids friends fixing my car ... but got that done)


Next week ... BACK TO WORK!!!

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