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Armor almost complete

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Here is a pic of my new armor after going out with some friends for Halloween. I have to trim the legs more so i could walk better . Also find a better glue to hold some of the pieces together. Lastly add snaps to keep bells and legs in place. BTW my boots did not come in from Zappos in time for this pic. Im open to hear what i have to fix before i send for submission. Thanks



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A glue that I've had fantastic results with is E6000 - It's a crafting glue and so it can be found at Micheal's (in Canada) or the crafting area of Wally World (Wal-Mart) or at Home Depot in the US (or so I've heard).


If you are looking for a few pointers then, if possible, try to post a few pics (front, back, sides) - similar to your eventual submission pictures.

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