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Death Trooper V2.0

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As some of you may know, I've been gathering parts to make another suit for a friend, so we can have two zombies shuffling everywhere we go this summer.


Sorry SpecOps friends, you're not going to like this. :sweat:









Creepy edit:




And some parts I got in the mail from a few kind 501st-ers:



FX Thermal detonator, FX abdomen armor, FX belt, ATA left bicep


And the parts I already have, recycled from my failed Magma Trooper build


ATA right thigh, ATA knee ammo, ATA right shin, ATA handplates, CAP-W helmet


There's another red thigh not pictured, but it's so far gone, it's too embarrassing to let you guys see right now haha. I've got a heatgun that'll hopefully help me fix it.

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