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Darth Emphatic's Shadowtrooper Build

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Well, if you've been around here long enough you may have heard me mention that this is my dream build. It's something I have wanted to do for a very long time. With Ty's help in moving the bucket along, I figure it's time I post up a thread and start working on everything else. There are going to be a lot of questions, especially with the generation of the Jedi Knight II game. The models aren't as detailed as you would hope.


My first question for our awesome detachment is if anyone has the star wars Guide to Weapons and Technology book. There is a reference to the Shadowtrooper in there, but I am not sure exactly what it is. If not, I will probably end up buying one, but worth checking first.


A big decision I will need to make is if everything will need to be custom sculpted or if a clone or TK provides enough of a base to build up from.

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I"m excited to see what you guys come up with.

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I just checked The Essential Guide to Warfare, but couldn't find anything in there about them. Now, I wasn't checking all that thoroughly, but I estimate that they aren't in there all the same.


In any event, seriously, best of luck to you! This will be tough one!


- Master Tej -

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Yeah I just took a look, my book was written in 1997. Jedi Outcast didn't come out until 2002. So it's probably in the "New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology" which came out in 2004. Just make sure you get the "NEW" version if you get it. :D

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I think Ty's right. I looked at my store last night, but we don't have the 2004 version on hand.

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Alright, I've been analyzing the costume as whole and try to part out what will be armor pieces (realistically). I am looking for opinions on what I've outlined as armor pieces and how I'd go about creating them. I of course have my own ideas, but I want to draw on the collective knowledge of our great group.


Here's what we are going for:



Thigh - I've considered if this needs to be multiple pieces vs one or two pieces to help with the details, but I think a solid base piece with layered details would be best here.






Piece to connect thigh to calf over the knee. I imagine this will likely be a rubber piece.



Hand Plate - Fairly straight forward, but I'll need to figure out how far up the wrist it goes



Kidneys - This would be a bit taller than shown in the picture and the back plate outlined later on would overlap it



Shoulder/Bicep - Not sure how this will work as one piece as opposed to some sort of shoulder and bicep armor like a traditional TK/TX





Forearm - seems striaghtforward




Cod piece



Chest/back armor from the side



Chest armor



Butt plate



Calf - Like the thigh, I am imagining one piece (split in a yet to be determined logical place to allow it to be put on) with layers for the details






Belt - The larger square pieces will likely be separate pieces that attach to the belt like belt boxes for an officer or pilot




Boot cover




Connector on the inside of shoulder/bicep to forearm - again, I am imagining a rubber piece



Back plate - would overlap kidney plate



Ab plate - chest plate would overlap this


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Wow Steve. I had no idea that this costume was so detailed. It reminds me in many ways of the Sith Acolyte. It really isn't possible to capture all of that detail from vac-forming, but if it's carved deeply into molds the detail should transfer nicely into fiberglass casts. That also would allow for sealed pieces if you wanted. That seems like the best way to go to me. I don't know about you, but that is beyond my current skill-set.


I have seen a couple of other options for detailed armor like this on theRPF: first, pepakura and fiberglassing over the results; second, the use of carved foam with added resin greeblies again fiberglassed over and sanded/shaped.


I never thought of this guy as being all that neat, but looking at these details he's quite the trooper.

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Godspeed Steve. I know you can do it and am proud of you for considering it. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

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Steve, came across this thread today. Haven't had a chance to really give it some thought but for shoulder bells and biceps maybe using a hinged point?


Interested to see how this progresses.


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