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neoakaj's other costumes

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Hello all!!!


Since SpecOps has really become my new and welcoming home again, I thought I would show off a tiny bit :sweat:

















And my incomplete ones at this time






^^^ for the snowtrooper, I have a new duster and am 99% ready now. This picture is a few months old. Only thing I am needing to do is a tiny bit of weathering on the duster before I am good to go.





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That's a good start Jason ;) Do you have an olive drab uniform in the works to go with that Veers jazz?

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Well I started a rebel costume!!!! Well two haha.


I also got the last bit of parts needed to finish the Veers armor. Still no officer uniform for it yet....


Im still in need of the three dot plate for the sandtrooper and it will be "done." I still need to get a pack for it...


Snowtrooper is a tiny bit of weathering away from it being done, but I am packing it away until it gets colder again.


Nice set you got there. I want to see your weapon collection trooper! ;)


Ill get that soon! There is some really nice ones in it and they have a good home!

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How come you have so many Vader costumes? ;) (see what I did there?)


I do see!!!



So I guess I have a rebel type costume going...






So Val said I can show off hers as well






Her Jes is the first approved statue variant of the costume in the Legion.






And then there is this one just for fun!!



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I got to work on Veers this past weekend. I think I am 99% there with the armor. All I need to do is attach all the straps, paint one shoulder strap, install the mic for the helmet, and make the leather belt.

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Started a couple new projects last night





The TK helmet is a gift to a local comic shop that allows us to host meet n greets regularly. And the other is, well, something I have wanted to make for a long long time. I had to sell my Veers armor and my clone kit to get it, but I am happy with that decision.

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I totally would have bought that Veers stuff off you turkey.


Im not saying I have a full set, but there is the possibility that I have almost a full set still hanging around somewhere. Ill go digging over the weekend

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That would be cool. I have an approved line officer and would dig completing Veers.

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That would be cool. I have an approved line officer and would dig completing Veers.


I might be able to get a few parts for one if you want. I sold my extra snowy parts to a local friend, but I think I can get a chest, back, and maybe a helmet pretty quick.


Just need to get all the little detail parts still, belt part and the shoulder straps

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