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Weathering/Battle damage/Scratchs

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i think it just help in case if the armor has been painted white to black that your able to survive a little more troops before you have to repaint? or if you have gloss black cap armor that wear and tear may cause it to be matted in some areas?


though to make armor dirty on purpose i am not sure

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Have you already added the battle damage? If not just shine it up nicely and get approved, then add the damage as BH recommends.


If your asking how to get approved, I don't know :) I haven't crossed that bridge yet. Izzi or Crazas or one of the other vets should be able to tell you.

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I would be interested in hearing this too. It seems to me, unless you approach everything with a "white glove" while wearing your armor, its going to get weathered over time. And in some cases, wither you like it or not.


I have learned that I managed to build my suits to last, and to withstand punishment. (My helmet-less TK and I, managed to survive the pit at a show, and they weren't going easy on me either) But I am quickly learning how fast a TX suit can get banded up vs say a TK suit. I remember when I was worried about getting little scratches and dings on my TK. Ha, those were care-free days, now im over hear sweating the "ooops" 's on my TX during the building phase... :sweat:


I personally dig the weathering over the "NEW AND IMPROVED" shine on any suit personally, no matter what the color or style. You're a solider, you're going to get dirty, you're out to carry out the will of the Empire, not out for a fashion show.


Plus I don't think it helps that I have a unnatural love for all things painted flat black. :lol:

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The weathering won't "officially" be approved until someone does it in front of the LMO. That line was taken from the old CRL, and seeing now that no one has attempted it, I should probably remove it. But to get it approved, you weather your armor, and present the weathered source with your approval photos to the LMO, and see what happens. :teehee:



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