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Elite Novatrooper from Singapore

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Hi guys


A short intro from me. I'm Ron, from the Singapore Garrison, and I have been in the Legion since I was 18. I first started off with the TK, moved on to the shadow trooper, and now the elite nova. I have been on the SpecOps forum for some time, doing my research for the elite nova.


My armor is from VT, a now long defunct maker. The armor is painted black with automobile paint.


The helmet is from an unknown maker. It was a gift from a friend.


The pauldron and pouches were from trooperbay.


The backpack is from Dirtyboy over at MEPD. It came as a kit form and I assembled it according to the TD standards, except in black.


I'm currently in the midst of scratch building my T21 and it will not be part of my application.


Here are my photos,







The gold is spray painted on with Rustoleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish and clear coated with Rustoleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover.


Personally, I feel that my armor can look better, but let's hear your opinions first.

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Looking great Ron! Say hello to Domz for me.

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Hi Todd :)


I'm no expert on this costume and Ron is both my GXO and GML. My only concern is the sagginess of the backpack like it's a little ... exhausted? Is that OK? Or should the backpack cling tighter, like those soft plush ones that look like Yoda is plaster-drunk and trying to dry-hump Luke?

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Hi Todd! Thank you.


Yep, that is one of my concerns as well. I would like to reduce the "sagginess" of my backpack. I've already done it once, but looks like the straps can use a bit more tightening.

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Yeah, the straps are a bit loose on the pack, but it wouldn't take much to tighten them once more. If you need it, you can try adding a horizontal strap across the chest to keep the main two straps pulled-snug.

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Looks Great! The pack will be a lot more comfortable higher up on your back. The top of the frame on mine rests across the top of the square part of my back armor. It takes some weight off my shoulders.

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TrooperBay.com has some parts that you can use. I got a few things from there. (Seed trays, and radio face plate) I used an army surplus backpack frame I found on e-bay for 5 dollars . and the rest I just used found objects like PVC pipe, a toilet cistern valve, project boxes from Radio Shack and foot powder bottles.

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Since this is a greenbox costume, it can be passed at the GML level.


Given the views here, I am inclined to view this costume as "Passed, but a reasonable degree of strap tightening must be done within a reasonable time".


What say you all?


One reason for my asking this here, is that Ron happens to be both GXO and GML, so I don't want him to look bad by passing his own costume with a caveat like that ;)

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Hi guys, I'm back after a long attachment in the hospital. Here are my updated pictures.


The saggy backpack issue was solved just by tightening up the straps.


P.S. Do ignore the time stamp on the photos. Didn't realize my camera was off-sync until I've uploaded the pictures.












Left (arm raised)






Right (arm raised)


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Looking much better. The only thing I would recommend is to straighten your belt. It is sagging on one side, and that throws everything off a tad. Otherwise you should be proud of this Nova.

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