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Noob Ready To Enlist!

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Hey all!!! My name is David...from Lakeland, FL. I've been lurking in the forums awhile checking in and out dreaming of the day I could start a build on SHADOW SCOUT. Well...the wifey finally gave me the green light to start my first project! SO EXCITED!!!


That being said...also very nervous. I've never worked on a costume of any kind, I'm not very handy/crafty, and I'm pretty much clueless towards techniques to correctly build something like this.


I do have an old email (a few years ago) from Jeff at SC with info on the majority of the things I would need to get. It also included info on where to buy them. I was wondering if there was an updated list on where to actually accumulate the materials???


Also...if there is anyone nearby my location with experience willing to assist that would be awesome. Any tips, advice, etc. from anyone would be great as well?


I've looked at the 501st requirements for a Shadow Scout and will be sifting through the forums as well hoping to find as much info as I can.


Funds are ready...I have the wifey approval...just need the knowledge and some help! Thanks so much!!!

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Hey David. Welcome to the spec ops boards. Florida actuslly houses one of the largest 501st Garrisons. I recommend also jumping on the florida garrison boards as you'll definitely find local help.




Feel free to also post up the list you are talking about and we can help you out.

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Welcome David. I agree with DE in that Florida is full of great costumers. Be sure to introduce yourself on the Florida Garrison's boards. SC is good shadow scout stuff, so that will be a good choice. If you haven't already, study the CRL for Shadow Scout: http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TX_shadow_scout

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Welcome to the boards! Florida is awesome when it comes to costumers. You should be able to get help there. There are a few Spec Ops there as well ;)

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Awesome! Thx for the warm welcome! I had to dig out the list from an old email account but here is what Jeff (SC) sent me. If it looks good I can start purchasing...if there are other places I should go, let me know and I can head that way. THX!!!:


Studio Creations

Cost for an BLACK ABS kit with a black helmet

(.093 guage glossy



The kit will consist of:


- 1 helmet kit - (plastic parts, green

tint visor, temple bolts....

but no headliner, no decals)

- 1 chest

- 1


- 1 back hump

- 2 shoulder pads

- 2 biceps

- 2 elbows

- 2 kneecaps


2 Thigh boxes

- 4 belt boxes

- 1 belt buckle

- 1 thermal detonator

- 1 boot


- 1 black tank-topper

- 2 bicep t-bits

- velcro strips

- elastic


- web belts

- thermal detonator pipe/endcaps

- Zip ties

- 4 quickclip

buckles (medium)

- 1 quickclip buckle (large)

- assembly





TOOLS NEEDED FOR ASSEMBLY.... You'll need a drill, some

drill bits,

couple nuts and bolts (or rivets and a rivet gun) , some modelers


(or hot glue), scissors, razor/x-acto blade, and a sewing machine


have to sew the velcro strips to the elastic bands, we do not


presewn elastic






blaster, cummerbund and pouches,

black undersuit, black gloves or black











He provided me w/ an email for her custom cumberbund and pouches.





Highly accurate Resin Scout blasters are available as kits







These are very wearer specific in size. Flights suits are measured


Chest size, not waist size.:


.com/clothacc/fsafblack.html (black flightsuit)



Accurate custom

made gloves from Dale at



http://www.jcwhitney.com search for



http://ebikerleather.com/ (glove

items #BGL2065 or BGL2040



http://www.gemplers.com ,

but really there is no definitive black

boot that I can recommend. Alot of

people Take Vinyl Cloth, and E6000

Glue and then hand make their own black

Scout boots over a pair of

existing tennis shoes that have a cool looking

rubber sole.




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I'll reply to this later on, I'm just about to start the school run, so it'll be a few hours before I've finished up the evening "childcare' routine.

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Hey David I read up your post on the FG boards so welcome.

You are in excellent we have a lot experience on here when it comes to building awesome Spec Ops costumes.

I myself dont have much knowledge on the shadow scouts so I am leaving it to the experts.

As far as I know TBSDiva in florida completed a shadow scout last year you may see her marching in SWW.

She is super nice so if you have time maybe say hello or something. She resides in Jacksonville though so shes a bit far away.


Anyways welcome good luck with your build, cant wait to see your progress and dont forget when you are finished and approved to stick around and check out the awesome programs we have :).

I think I had mentioned the Dragon Slayers on the FG boards let me know if you are interested. :)

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Thanks for the love. Yes any help on that list Chef would ROCK!


I will look for a Shadow Scout at SWW. I am a teacher full-time but I work part-time for the LEGO store at Downtown Disney. I was one of a few chosen to actually work the LEGO mini-build in the shop...so I will be there every weekend either working or spending nights in autograph lines lol.

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Hi Bud... Sorry for the delay. Kids seem to suck time away better than any black hole!



Yeah the list seems OK... Although there are other suppliers of stuff (but the list is a little limited), and if you're feeling a little creative you can make 'most' of the soft parts yourself and save yourself a bucket load of cash.


I'll send you a PM with the details of various people that can do the soft parts etc...


But I can always assist with patterns and advice if you fancy having a go at these yourself.



Boots... Again, these can be made to the tutorial and the results are much better than any 'Off the shelf" item.


Gloves, those links might be a bit old now. I think the only person at the moment making decent Scout gloves are WampaWear.


Most flight suits can be based off a set of coveralls. I think you chaps in the states use a brand called RedKap??


You've a PM inbound.... If you need any further assistance, just drop a message in here.





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