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How do you make/get the armor

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A lot of guys here make seperate pieces so it would be best to shop around to see whats on offer and who is best for you. I went to RS Props for my Shadow Trooper out fit and I am extremely happy with it.

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There are a couple of routes.


You can find a vendor who makes the armour in black (probably the best route in my opinion because it requires less 'maintenance' work), but that limits your options a little bit because only a couple of people do the Scout armour in Black (and RS aren't one of them, they don't do Scouts!).


Or you can get a set of standard Scout armour in white and paint it black. This is probably the easier route on 'sourcing' the armour itself, but is the harder route in terms of the costume itself because you'll end up painting it (well... personally they should all be painted) and any scratches will need painting again to stop the white showing underneath. And there will be a lot of scratches!



Either way is just as acceptable as the other, but white armour painted black WILL require a lot more remedial work to keep looking good.

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It's perfectly serviceable yes.


Jeff is a good bloke with good customer service.


I'll let others chime in with recommendations as well.

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I can vouch for Jeff at SC. Just became a 501st using his Scout kit and just ordered the black for my Shadow. Great turn around and communication. A+



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