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CRL approval for e11 and DLT-19's

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e11 and DLT-19 blaster builds for Shadow Trooper


I understand the CRL blaster and rifle requirements listed and will build as per requirements.

My actual question is on visual appearance:


I have seen a lot of blasters on white troopers = all blasters have a 'weathered/used/distressed appearance. It looks cool. I get it for them.


For me, being a 'Spec Ops' trooper in a shiny black suit = shiny black gun?

Makes sense doesn't it?


I would think that a spec ops trooper would have his own weapons, they would be also 'Shadow Colors'. More custom, maintained, perfectly maintained.


Does this look meet CRL.


Secondly, can some parts of the weapons have the black/grey/silver highlights to match up with the CRL color highlights as per helmet paint specifications?

(Check Helmet CRL to explain)

I am not talking crazy camo paint, just similar discrete touches to flow from suit to weapons.


So: I would like to do CRL based paint scheme, with a gloss black base. = ok or not?


Lastly: would the Spec Ops logo engraved into the blasters be allowed?

I was hoping that this would be an allowable alteration.

= not too obvious, just the look and depth of normal real life engraving done on firearms.

I was looking to not paint a colour in the logo, but engrave it in and then paint the whole weapon gloss black. = just like a 'factory' special spec ops build.

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Custom coloring would be a no-go. As for the Spec Ops logo, after getting approved that would be up to you.

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Does anyone know where I could a kit to build a DLT-19 blaster? Haven't seen any yet or build ones for sale for that matter.



HFX productions on the ol' FB sells a nice hyperfirm one. I think Doopy Doos sells a kit in the UK.

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Check out Diamond State Props. Chad is a great guy and will take good care of you. They have been making some really nice blasters for the scouts at BSN. I own a DH-17 from them and it's pretty awesome. There is a run currently underway, so give Chad a shout.



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