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Finally Got my TX Kit / build thread

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With a huge Thanks too my very cool family. This year for my birthday they all pooled together to get me a black AM kit, which I was able to go and picked it up this very evening. I am very excited about starting this new build!


My freshly completed TK was started and built in time for the long beach Comic con / Halloween while keeping 501st and ANH cannon in mind (I currently have my application in), but this TX, this is my suit for SD comic con 2011 and beyond.....


I can't wait to get started on it. The very idea of getting my hands on a TX suit is what started getting me into all this crazyness that goes with this whole territory, though owning a Storm Commando would be a very close second and still an achievable for the future ....

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That's a pretty nice family!


And just a note - If you're heading to comic con make sure your TD is FIRMLY attached to the back ... I've heard tales of troopers having their TDs vanish.

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I wore my TD around during the day at the Long beach comic con, and didn't have any issues. Even hid my car keys inside of it. Then again it is a much smaller event. I did however leave my blaster and TD behind when I went out to a concert later that night. I didn't want to worry about them occupying my hands while I was trying to drink :pint1:

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congrats cant wait for images and about how much $$$ do you need to attend comic con??i want to go next yr but im not sure how much i should save for (a minimum) airfare, hotel, ticket, food/sovieners etc thank you to anyone who can answer if you dont want to post feel free to pm me

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So I got started last night after work. Here are some pictures of my progress so far. Thank god I made so many mistakes on my TK, this is going way easier than my first time. :lol: And I also promise to take way more pictures this time, but I do apologize in advance for the crappy quality.




















I decided to use the same style of assembly as I did with my TK, as in, I am using butt joints and covering the seem with a finishing strip, Ive heard talk of a "Specialist title" being worked on for the TX builds. I just hope they might take some cues from the FISD "expert program". :whistling:


But a quick question for everyone.... What are you guys doing for the inner drop boxes? I was thinking about picking up another set of inner drop boxes from Kevin and painting them black to match and fitting them to my suit. Any other suggestions?

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Update time. :thumbsup:


Finished the left forearm last night, and started on the second.


Pre-Finishing strip









I was told that I had too much room on my TK by the GML. So I made sure that this time around, that I wouldn't have that problem. :sweat:


Cutting the finish strips






Final Set




And I said I would do a side by side with my efx



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what exactly is a "finishing strip"?


In A New Hope, the Stormtroopers armor was at the time made by putting 2 "plates" together and gluing a support "strip" to the inside and the outside of the plates to hold them together. If you look, you will see all the troopers have a "strip" that runs down the center of the leg and arm pieces.


When I refer to a "finishing Strip" I'm referring to the strip of abs (in my case) that covers the seam where my armor plates join together on the legs and arms.


Before Finishing strips




Completed Forearm



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Update time. :yes:


Biceps and forearms are finished. I still need to heat and "round" the biceps just a bit to fit my arms. I did this same thing on my TK and it was way more comfortable to wear after. I need to be able to flex a little :lol:




After I got cracking on the shins....













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How do you go about rounding the bicepts? That would really help me as well.


I used a heat heat gun and a old t-shucks. I basically heat up bicep slowly until it starts to become a little softer and flexible. Then I use my t-shucks and start to roll the bicep inside the t-shucks until I start to see the shape I would like. The t-shirt helps keep from leaving finger print impressions in the sort armor. Then once I get to a point where I like what Im seeing, I quickly run cold water over the bicep causing it to hold its new shape. This process may take a few times, but better safe than sorry. If you rush with the heat gun, you can seriously mess up your armor.

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I took a few days off and went to vegas for a break from working on the suit, but Im back on it. Here are some new shots. But both calf pieces are completed, sanded and fitted snug. As well as the Left Thigh piece. The right thigh with ammo belt should be finished tonight.


















Once I am all finished with the build, I will go back and buff and polish everything and get rid of all those smudges and finger prints.

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