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Novatrooper Elite DC-15a Reveal

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so this is my official reveal of a scratch built DC-15a I built in about 14 hours time. I have quite a few Star Wars weapons in my collection but I had no long rifles and I always loved the DC-15a so I built myself one. unfortunately the photos from the build won't upload due to their size but here are some pics from my first official outing in full battle rattle with the rifle. I also included one with my weapons line up. I actually don't believe I have posted since I got my Novatrooper Elite approved. I now have an Elite and regular Novatrooper in my spec ops collection. my Elite will be starring in a Film called Star Wars: The Shadows Within this fall as Vader's right hand man. I will also be voicing Darth Vader in the film. This isn't a small time production either! The films is set to have a budget of upwards of $30,000. Here is a link to the voice over demo I sent to the director of the project.





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Great work on the clone blaster Xavier. You capture Vader's voice well I must say. I use a complicated voice system when trooping as Vader to sound like that :)

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Really digging your voice over. In my opinion it's the most important aspect in selling Vader's character on film ... many times it's off and a film/animation loses all credibility from me on it. But you got it down.


If I was to offer some constructive criticism, the ONLY thing I would say is that it sounds a little trained. As in, I can tell you are focusing hard to make sure your inflection is as spot on as you can make it. That might be because I feel the pacing is a tad slower than Mr. Jones does it. The couple bits where your tempo is a little quicker sound better to me.


Again, being HYPER critical here, I think you did an awesome job.


I do video production all day long for work, so I have that hyper sensitive eye/ear for things ... so don't take any of what I said negatively or to heart. Look forward to seeing your film ... I'm hoping to do a few myself once we finish up our builds.

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