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Possible Source for mp40 pouch set?

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Hey, I was looking around on Amazon and found this pouch set which might be great for people doing elite nova or sandtrooper. It will still need to be died black, but I think they'd definitely work! They're a lot cheaper then I've seen other places since they're just canvas replicas, but I kinda like the shape better.


Here's the link to the listing: http://www.amazon.co...3YZKMRCXH&psc=1


Or even this one. It's 2 dollars more, but it's comes dark blue which might take less time to get black then the tan ones:


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Thanks for sharing. Those would work indeed.

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I bought these because I wanted leather to match my boots and pauldron. Not a cheap option, but I tricked myself into splurging the extra $$$. I love them.



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I had some very similar to these and I had to dye them black. They worked for a long time but then started to come apart. I recently got some leather ones that are already black. I just had to remove the small pocket in front and color the treading, they are perfect now. Just pack the pouches with cardboard or foam to keep the form. Many on Ebay just like this one.



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