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Scratch build DC-15x (based on Marcel's build)

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Hi Guys!


I hope i'm posting this in the right place (i haven't seen a weapon thread yet!)


Anyway, i'm currently in the process of building a DC-15x sniper rifle from scratch based on Marcel's build. He uses both wood and metal with his build, however i'm only going to use wood so it'll be lighter (and easier to work with personally speaking)


I made this with only the original MG42 measurements to start with, and the rest of the small details with only what i can see from Marcel's post.


Somehow i get the feeling that the measurements is a bit off and it feels a little bit bulky (well using a machine gun as a sniper rifle might be one of the reason :P).


Would really love to hear some critics from you guys so i can improve this quickly. I would love to get it done for the local comic con :)







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Hey Kevin, looks great! I troop with this blaster as well, love it! I also have a real MG-42, which I don't troop with (well it's a parts kit I need to throw together)... If you want any detail pics, let me know! You might want to trim down the trigger group a bit too. Here's some pictures from my real trigger group:






But if you aren't worried about having it super accurate to the real gun (which my blaster isn't terribly accurate to the real gun either), I'd leave it, it still looks fantastic either way! :thumbsup: Again if you want any detailed pictures or measurements for the parts, let me know!


Good job!




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Hi Ty! Thanks a lot for the info! That photos that you posted will help A LOT!


If its not a hassle, can i please get the measurements of the parts that i drew on the picture? Those 2 bits are the ones that i'm really concerned with =\


Once again thanks a lot man! :D

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Hey Kevin, absolutely not a probelm! :)


Top to bottom I have about 3.5 inches or 8.5ish centimeters on the receiver and about 6.5 inches or 16.5ish centimeters on the trigger (forgot that there is a part on the receiver for it to connect to). Let me know if you need anything else! Like I said it still looks great either way! My dad and I are big into military vehicles and we have some resin display guns that look like junk, but still fool the public. Your gun is about 1000 times better than our resin guns... :thumbsup: Good job man!


Oh and here's a shot of my 42s too...






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Thanks a lot Nick!


Sorry for the late reply, had a trooping event that went on until 11pm yesterday... way too buggered to do anything else now...


Regarding the measurements Ty, can i please confirm this:




Other than this i think it looks alright... will start on it again tomorrow :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi guys! finally got the chance for an update! I fixed the measurements based on the info given by Ty. After this i'll start painting it :D


Any critics are welcome!





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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi Guys!


Sorry for the slow update, finally finished the whole thing! (well i still need to weather it down, but i'll do it after i finish my TX! :D)


All comments and critics are very welcome! :)









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