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Updated Magma Trooper CRL Photos

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This is where to post individual armor pieces for use in the CRL.


With the photos the generic neck seal, gloves, holster, black pauldron, and e-11 will be fine.

I noticed it is missing the under suit information.


The back plate, and posterior armor should have its on separate pictures.


The shin armor should sit around the boots not on top of them it really looks awkward sitting on top of them.

There are now actual red boots that can be purchased I am wondering if we should use the stock photo of that?

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I can take new shots of the Classic red armor and some photos of the new helmet. One problem with the Classic kit I have is shin length. I can readjust things for a new photo. I'm looking at early July for a photo shoot since I will be out of town June 20-28.


Does anyone have time to take photos of individual pieces of a finished 2013 kit? I have not yet assembled my armor (only the helmet).

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I cant definitely help you out with that.

I have a troop coming up on Sunday June 28th if you want me to do a full length pics.

I can definitely do the individual pics so just let me know :)

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Here is the pictures that I took using my own set of armor. I am not a photoshop person so none of the photos are edited. If you cant use some of them no big deal I am just trying to help out Thomas in splitting the work etc :)




Chest Armor



Back Armor


Hand Plates


Shoulder Bell Armor


Bicep Armor


Forearm Armor


Abdomen Plate Armor


Kidney Plate Armor



Posterior Plate Armor





Thigh Armor




Lower Leg Armor




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Those look good. I think the photos from the existing CRL are fine for the Classic red armor, though I'd like to retake my full body shots with the shins adjusted differently.

The photos of the new armor parts and full body can be used to show the 2013 red armor in parallel since that kit is different in several ways.



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No worries about showing the different set of armor from different years.We just need one set so when you have a chance to retake that full body pic that would be awesome.

What needs to be replaced:



What needs to be added:



Possibly: since these are not required to be connected

Posterior armor

Kidney armor

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