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Color & pauldron


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Wow! Daetrin, you coming over to the darker Dark Side?


I used Rustoleum Metalic Gold.


I haven't seen any fabric that was the exact color of the stripes, So like Izzi I plan to paint my Pauldron to match.


I've seen your stuff over on FISD and MEPD, I look forward to seeing a build thread.

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Thinking about it. I was a sandy for 5 years, and am thinking instead of doing another sandy going Nova Elite for a change of pace. I mean, I already have a TK for both TK/HWT, so it will be neat to work in a something that is not white armor. I had thought of doing a TB, but I can't get that Nova out of my head.

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If everyone so far used the same paint it will be better to stay in the same track, "gold color" is such a loose concept. I think, since all the Nova are new troopers, the best way to make all the armors look alike is to have the same color.

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Izzi, how did you keep the black outline on your pauldron, and the leather around the rivets, so crisp? How did you keep them from getting gold on them? I assumed tape, but it's hard to get the right angles. Did you pull out the rivets, remove the velcro/leather snaps and then reattach after painting?


Also I am considering not keeping the outline and just having the gold part gold and the neck part black. While yours looks awesome, I haven't seen any references with the black outline. Do you think it would be a problem to not have the black border around the gold portion?

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I cut little tiny eensy weensy pieces of tape and I pokeses the eyeses out of many hobbitses...



Yeah. Just tape like crazy. I'm sure you can do what ever you want with the gold part of the pauldron. I just kept mine looking more like a TD pauldron. instead of making the whole thing gold.



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