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Shadow Scout Build

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Looking good! As for the decals, yes. We recommend that you use decals that contrast to the black that you are using. For instance, if your helmet is gloss, use satin or matte decals. If your helmet is satin, use gloss decals. Trooperbay should be able to supply what you need.

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Working on pouches. Think they are coming along nicely. Open to thoughts.


I'd say so.

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Get the chest sitting right, then stick some webbing between the chest and back plates. When they're hanging right, make up the cloth covers to go over the joins.

For the joins under the arms I use the same material as you would for the drop box straps.


Put velcro on the ends so they can attach to the chest plate. Run it through the back plate holes and have a tiny bit of elastic connecting them together on the inside of the back.


This allows it to have a bit of flex.

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