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Detailed Information on Armor Types

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There is no one 'best' armor. There is a 'best' armor for *you* depending on a few factors:

1) Your budget

2) What your body size is (yes, different armors lend themselves for different body types) *

3) How experienced are you at building armor

4) It's not the kit, it's how it's fitted to the wearer that counts *


All makes below can be made to be both 501st and Spec Ops acceptable.



Armor is made from either HIPS or ABS.


--- Pros: generally less expensive, easier to trim.

--- Cons: needs painting or serious polishing to look shiny. Most HIPS will not be as durable as ABS or take the stress of ABS

--- Suitability: will hold up fine for regular trooping



--- Pros: no need to paint, high durability

--- Cons: may lack the detail of HIPS, usually harder to trim

--- Suitability: will hold up fine for regular trooping plus take a lot of abuse


3D Printed

---Pros: Can print armour to custom size. If prepared correctly 3D printed armour is very durable and can provide detail that vacformed armour cannot. Easy to print replacement parts.

---Cons: Requires A LOT OF SANDING, priming and painting. If not prepared correctly armour is prone to breaking or cracking and; Print lines can become visible through paint



Untrimmed: means the kit comes untrimmed and you'll have to trim the parts before starting assembly.

Trimmed: parts are pre-trimmed and you can start assembling right away



ANH Derived armor (TE2, AP) was sculpted for a typical UK actor circa 1976, e.g. 5'10" and 165lbs. While good for smaller body types, it has been successfully made to fit people as large as 6'4" 235lbs though requires a bit of shimming to pull this off.


1. If you are taller or larger in frame/girth, you may want to consider AM, RT, or TM armor makes for easier fitting.

2. If you are shorter, while ANH derived armor may lend itself to your size, even FX armor has been made to fit and look good on people as small as 5'6" and 115lbs (and smaller!).

3. RT has upsized his helmet by 4-5% which makes it equivalent to the size of the old FX but is more accurate in appearance.


So, while it's true that every kit has a certain ideal body type, every make has been made to fit every body type and still look good.


Who to Avoid

1. Be aware that this site - http://www.stormtroo...s.com/home.html - is not considered commercially available. It is run by a person selling recast parts, and at a healthy premium over what you can buy direct from vetted sources. You've been warned...

2. Do not buy from e-bay - kits are over-priced, the quality is often dubious, and always recast.


Helmet Information:


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