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Novatrooper WIP (PIC HEAVY)

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Hello guys, as you may have noticed I'm not an official 501st member (I want to get my ID with this armor :D ). But I do know that the quality of the armor must be excellent in order to become an official member.

So, I bought this set about four months ago and was told that it is a replica of an ANH Stunt. Since I knew almost nothing about types of armor and all that stuff, I didn't pay much attention to it and bought it right away. But now that I finally got the time to trim, paint again, and put all the pieces together it came to my mind that maybe the ANH Stunt armor isn't accepted for the Novatrooper.

That's why I took photos of all the pieces in detail, to ask here if they are OK, and begin trimming and painting.



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I mentioned this post is Pic Heavy? XD


Finally the helmet. I know that the lenses are too transparent, and the tube stripes are not black, and that I'm missing the Brown trim. I have already ordered those from Trooperbay.com



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Did you mean brow trim?


The kit itself isnt an issue for the nova. The pull does look a little soft in places, like it was a B pull. Then again, I am looking on my phone.


Yes! I meant brow trim. But, what you mean by pull? (I'm not from the US, and new to this stuff of the 501st so...)

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Your painting is nice and clean. Well-done.

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I know there are some stuff I still need to work on, like the gold diamond on the back of the helmet , and the helmet stripes. But aside from that, how do you guys see on my armor? Any suggestions on what to improve so I can be accepted as a 501st Spec. Ops member?

Also I know that the holster doesn't have to have the imperial logo :P but I just found it and wore it.




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Overall you're looking fine. Aside from the things mentioned there are two things that could use some work: first, the gold stripes on the O2 canister shouldn't be there; second, upon seeing the helmet with the brow trim installed, I think your center gold line is too tall. The squares look fine, but the line between them is too thick.

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Thanks for all your feedback guys!!! I'll be sending my pics today!!! :D Wish me luck



Btw I know I'm missing my hand plates, it's because I forgot one of them and went to meet the kids anyways :P

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