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Toddo's Second Scout Build


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So after years of taking care of me and my kids during troops, my wife finally asked for a 501st costume and chose the Shadow Scout (I'm so proud!). I picked-up the following:


1. Red Kapp jumpsuit

2. simple convertible balaclava

3. A pair of boots of the interwebs (we've made a couple pairs of these already, but we got lazy on this one as we have a lot of projects going on right now).

4. Cummberbund, pouches, cummerbund made by Chef.

5. Helmet and armor kit from Chef


I started work on the helmet first while Tarisa began modifying the jumpsuit.


First I trimmed and taped it to test my fittings



Then I reinforced the seam and glued it all up.




I think I goofed a bit on the trimming as I ended-up with some gnarly gaps.



Then for my least favorite part of any build, filler. I dislike Bondo especially. When I built my first droid I learned about Evercoat, so I employed that.



Even after filling and sanding I still had traces of seam left. 431A9A41-11D5-4743-9A10-86735251B3F9_zps3mvxvjzk.jpg


With Chef's encouragement I hit it again with filler and ended-up a bit better.





Then I scratched-it up like crazy assembling it and had to fill some spots and primer all over again, because that is how I roll.



Aside from some matte decals I'm expecting from Trooperbay, here it is finished-up this morning next to my Moncal bucket.


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