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Td6851 AM2.0 build

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Hello everybody matt here from the DRG in New Mexico. I got my kit in the mail yesterday and started going through everything and inspecting the kit. There is a lot of stuff that comes in this box. Pulled everything out and it looks good. Everything is huge lol I'm going to have a lot of trimming to do (good thing I have another kit to compare it to) .Any suggestions on that would be awesome. So I'm going to start with trimming the kidney, butt, and ab.


Here is a side by side photo of the kidney plates. I going to cut a inch and a half from the bottom to keep the return edge on the top.




Here is a photo after I cut down the bottom.





Now I have a question about joining the abs and kidney plates. In this picture here you can see that the kidney plate has about 2 inch of extra play under the sides of the ab plate.




Now I can cut it to where it would be butted up together with no gap as per crls, but I was thinking thAt I could keep the extra 2inches in there and use adjustable straps to connect the two together. That way if my body changes I can adjust the straps and still have no gaps. Then I would put a piece of valcro under the sides of the abs and on the kidney plates to help hold the two together tight along with the belt.


PART951437621281662950722152114_zpswpkach0m_edit_1437621467917_zpsfb6ksced.jpgI want to go specialist with this build and was wondering if this works.

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Welcome to Spec Ops! Go with ANH for the base armor and helmet. As for the adjustable shim on the ab/kidney joint, I think it's a great idea. Just make sure that your strapping variation isn't visible from the outside.

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Here what I've been up to. Trimmed the return edges off the butt piece except for the top.






Trimmed the edges off the ab plate.



This weekend i hopefully can get most of the trimming down. A quick question before I leave. Do I have my shin pieces right? I'm pretty sure I do just want to check.




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Looks ok. Hard to tell untrimmed on the back, but that's a chicken/egg scenario.

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Hey everyone im back. Been taking it slow on this build. I got most of the body done. Ive started to work on ths thighs and rum into a snag. So the AM2.0 kit is made for bigger troopers and im one of those short troopers 5'7ish, everything is way big for me. So i got the front glued together and about to start on the back. I put them on to see how they fit and of cousre they look big on my legs. I taped the leg to where it looks right on my leg. So i going to have to cut off a bit of plastic to make it fit. I was wanting to get some feed back before i glue. My plan was to leave a little extra behind the top piece just incase i get bigger like i did with the chest and kidney. Now when i glue the two together it will be 2 pieces on top of each other. Then ill have to glue a third piece for the cover strip. Would this make ridge to high or would this work. Keep im mind i want to go specialists with thw build. It wont be the high


The left side is the smaller side i dont know if you can tell0919152026_zpsecrfdiul.jpg


Overlapping parts




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