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Calling all Imperial Navy Commando Builders!

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Hello Spec Ops builders.


I am looking to try and keep most of our armor information sources in house. I looking for a volunteer or two that would be interested in creating a how to video on building their Imperial Navy Commando armor correctly as well as offering a helmet build video?


Basically the video would be a step by step on how to accurately put the armor together. See Trooper Bay "how to video" for reference on making the a good video:



If you are interested please reply to this thread. As you know the armor tips and tricks section has begun getting an overhaul just one of the many things that we are looking to improve for our Spec Ops members!


I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you


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As the first cleared and CRL model, it would seem best if I did it. However if a blow by blow build vid is required, it may be better for whoever builds next to video as they go...with my guidance etc


Ah yes and you did an awesome job. I guess how you would want to do the video would be up to you, did a look at the Trooper Bay video?

It definitely wouldn't have to be like every single little detail but like just the main things that would need attention that might not be straight forward.

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Future Imperial Navy Commando here. My name is Brian. I am looking to build my own INC costume and look forward to seeing the build thread, I have been checking Stevechewbacca's at FISD. My big conscern is getting the helmet. I don't want to buy a Stormtrooper and Snowtrooper helmet. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

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