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Swamp armour weathering

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I've just started working on some fantastic Swamp Trooper armour I purchased from Chef over 12 months ago. Yeah, I know slack. :)


Does anyone have a picture of approved armour with weathering? This one feature is what concerns me most. Under the current CRL

special notes, it mentions that it may be slightly weathered to look as if white is showing through with minor scuffs or dirt. Does that mean

I can't do a Sand trooper type weathering pattern to the armour? I don't want to have white showing through as I want it to look as if he has

just wandered out of the swamp covered in mud. Maybe it's the ex soldier in me, but I don't understand the mention of white showing through

in the realistic variant.


What would you consider too over the top with weathering that would prevent approval? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Best to look at the reference pictures at the top of this section.


There is some scope for more than just 'white' weathering.


Remember, less is more. I wouldn't go overboard. It's a Swamp Trooper, not Swamp Thing!

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