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Legacy trooper Female in black?

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I fully support this.

White Legacy fem troopers have been approved and there are White Tks.

There are also black TKs so to me I see no reason why the Black Variant can not be approved.

How do we get this to happen? who do we speak with? What type of evidence needs to be presented?


I have a feeling it will start with a CRL, pics and submission.

Oh and of course it should reside in Spec Ops detachment. I think that would be a good way to attract more women as well :D

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Just needs references, as far as I recall the only Legacy stormtroopers shown were white armoured. No Shadowtroopers featured in the Legacy comics. So any Black/chrome/red variants would be unreferenced. Anyone seen a ref image to support Shadow Legacy Troopers (Male or female)?

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Much as I hate to say it, I think the point about references is the only point that matters right now. If it doesn't have any references, then the Legion won't approve it. Buuuut you can always try and get a Lucasfilm artist to make references for you.


- Master Tej -

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Well end of the day cosplay is about dressing up and looking awesome. No reason you cannot do a shadow fem trooper and be unofficial for things like comicon and what not. Adhere to canon accuracy for official events and troops. I love the fem trooper armor, hate the helm though.


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