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To Voice Amp Or Not To Voice Amp?

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My wife has on in her TK and I don't use one in my TX.


She likes it for a little while but then finds she gets tired of hearing herself "yell" all the time. Myself I've rigged up my Ipod inside my chest piece and it plays a radio chatter loop (available from the 501st boards). I like the iPod set up. Mind you people really react when my wife tells them to "move along".


Personally I've wait until you've got a troop under your belt - see how it went, if you'd like a voice amp, etc.


And if memory serves the Rom FX is up there as far as price goes. My wife uses the one that's got a post in the for sale items here - She loves it, and it can go CRAZY loud.

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has a rom fx pro i like it also have stompers hovi's but missing one so cant realy use them with romfx with me i was thinking i spending big on armour ,upgrades and blasters and such why not for the romfx



there is also the basic romfx kit that is cheaper then pro and also skullworx if i rember right but like some have said they use the mp3 player and amp and speakers from the sale board here it all personal choice


plus with my pro romfx i have 3 hidden buttons so i can get away fast with all units report to detention center and there one set for stun and i forgot the last one lol

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Wolf mentioned a good point I totally forgot - My wife's amp has a line in function that allows her to play the radio chatter loop (or music) and then when she speaks her voice talks over the other audio. It's pretty neat ... Especially for the price. Also I think the seller now has a wireless set-up - no wires between the headset and the amp !

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I've got one of those Aker amps and I love it. I put the speaker in my front left pouch (of my TB) and I've routed the wire from the headset through my gear so that it doesn't show. Very comfy and it's great when you know your normal voice won't be loud enough. Plus, you can set the volume higher and just talk normally instead of having to yell.


Another bonus is that it's got a line in so you can put an iPod with chatter through it.


As for the board, I honestly wouldn't worry about it for your SS. In ROTJ, the scouts just had regular amplified voices, no fuzz or any other effects. And as cool as it can sound, I find that I have a hard time understanding what some of the guys in my garrison are saying.


Another issue I ran into when figuring out this issue is that I didn't have much space in the bucket for a fan/battery and an amp/board/speaker. I picked up a replacement metal aerator tip with a speaker but it really doesn't put out much sound.

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You still using the hovi mic tips? Those are speakers that look like the aerators right? How do they work?

They work great, when I remember to turn them on! They aren't really loud, but they're loud enough for people to hear you.



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