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Commander Bragh CRL Work

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Description: Commander Bragh

Prefix: TX

Detachment: Spec Ops Detachment

Context: Star Wars Uprising


A male Purger Trooper Commander who served in the Galatic Empire during the the Galatic Civil War. Following the destruction of the second Death Star he fought for the Governor Adelhad's faction. During his military service Bragh was regarded as a fearless soldier who indulged in inflicting pain on others.


The 501st approval requirements are listed in black.

In the page below, items listed in blue are recommended features that will improve the quality of the costume. Items listed in red are intended to further enhance the finished costume.

For 501st membership only the requirements in black need to be met.

Special Notes:

  • Blasters are not required for legion membership per our weapons policy.


This Visual Guide has been reviewed by the detachment staff and the LMO team and is certified for use as a minimum approval guideline for GMLs. GMLs are free to approve this costume type.

  • This document is not intended to be a detailed how-to on costume construction; rather a visual guide to be used for 501st costume approval.
  • Information on how to construct a costume for 501st approval may be found on the respective costume detachment web forum.
  • GMLs unfamiliar with or uncertain about an aspect of submitted costume shall post questions in the appropriate DL/GML peer review section of the Legion forum.
  • Measurements given in this document are intended to be approximate and generalized; not criteria for approval.
  • Requirements for all 501st costumes are assumed to be proportional to the wearer.


Required Costume Components

The following costume components are present and appear as described below

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