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<:: Distress Call ::> ISB-3241 Requesting Assistance!

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Hey There guys Got my RS package exactly an hour ago!


Here are the pictures ,and I'll ask questions below them!




I also sent an email to RS for some Tips on how to assemble everything ,but I'd also like help with what to do as all those pieces are just....Confusing to look at honestly.


The most important thing for me is to get a list of items I need to buy as Im heading out to shop for tools today.







Another weird thing which RS has told me is not an issue is the Spoon like shape in one of them images ,but if RS says its okay....Its okay ;3

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Wow, congrats on the package. I would start with some e-600 glue, a pair of some nice lexan plastic cutting scissors, some 80 grit and some 180 grit sandpaper. A good glue gun with extra glue sticks. And a box of black industrial strenghth velcro. Will post more tonight. Congrats again bro :thumbsup:

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You probably should pick up some rare earth magnets to hold your armor together while letting the glue dry. Also some clamps and some micro fiber cloths so you dont scratch it. Start with something simple like the bi-ceps or fore-arms. This site http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/ will be one of your best friends as well as this site. Now, if you wanna watch some youtube videos, these are great,

Hope this helps bro. :headphone:

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Note : it's a full RS kit ,and to summarise I've got little time and no help to build it myself as my three attempts have failed ,so I really need help ,and don't mind paying for assembly ,and shipping if needed ,or if you know anyone in dubai/ UAE send me his contact info ,and I'll call em.


Thanks in adavance!

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