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Jaiden Turr'n's IGV2 / Jaiden Turr'n's IG Armor project

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This thread started back in 2008 and has been updated in 2010. This is something that's worth looking at for brainstorming. I look over it for ideas every few months, honestly.


Okay folks, here's a project I've been working on for the past few months.


I tried an Imperial Guard last year with very bad results. I'm talking worse than a Rubies Boba. But, I decided to give it another go since I had some success with my custom Mandolorian helmet. (To see the full IGV2 progress thread, click here.)


Here are a few selected pictures from the build process.


To start, I'm modeling it after the Luke IG Disguise figure.


I started bu using the WOF interior form and covered it with a layer of flat cardboard.


I added spacers and another strip of cardboard for the lower outer shell.


Added the slope to the back.


Formed the nose.


The dome was tricky. The standard WOF pattern works, but the center pieces had to be overlapped to make the dome shorter.


I coated it with resin to stiffen it up.


The regular bondo layer.


After sanding that, I added a Bondo-Glass layer.


I sanded again and added another resin layer.


As with all scratch-builds, Bondo or Bondo-glass doesn't smooth out completely. Even with the resin outer coat, there was still a ot of sanding to do, which left small pot-marks. So I turned to Glazing Putty.


Then after an under coat of black paint, here is a sneak peek at what the final color will be.


Here it is after cutting out the visor area and adding the brow "bumps."




I also just completed work this morning on installing a clear visor "blank." (If you can see it :P )



Next up is filling in some gaps and casting. More pics coming! I promise!



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I finally got a dark visor for this thing!




It's probably going to be after the first of next year before I can even think of casting, though. I'll post here and other boards when I'm ready.



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I figured with the current success of my IGV2 helmet, I'd go ahead and start the armor. ;)


I started with a bellyplate and formed the left chest.


Next, I removed the pieces of the left chest (5 total) and reversed them to make the right side.


And, as if I didn't already have manboobs :D, now I have an accent. But hey, it will be one heck of a fiberglass bra when it's done!


I'm skipping over a lot of the mundane so I can get right to the point. Here's the back plate.


And a close up of the "insert" on the back "box."



The upper torso has four base pieces. the left chest has a small raised section where the insignia (?) goes. Next up is the cape holder on the right shoulder and a few touch ups with hot glue and scrap pieces to hold the seams together.



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After further consideration, I decided the chest piece was too big and it made me look like I had man-boobs :X .So, I reduced the slope and reworked the front a little.





And just for fun, here's my little helper.




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Question: Does anyone else think that cardboard, by itself before glassing, looks like crap? :(


I've got the basic forms of the armor fabricated out of standard cardboard. I certainly hope it looks better after I get more resin and glass the pieces. :$


The three arm pieces for each side.


Front shot of the pieces on my dummy.


Left arm...


with detail...


Right arm...


with detail.



Now it's a waiting game until I get more resin and glass.



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I've started glassing the chest armor.






There are a few spots where I have to still put some glass and resin, and it definitely needs a trimming. After that, I've got some glass cloth for the inside to get it sturdier.



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Hello everyone! It's been very slow going on this set, but I haven't forgotten about it. I just haven't had any extra cash lying around to work on it in any significant way. But, hopefully I can get back to it soon.


I actually did get the lower leg armor done for my custom Mandalorian character. I formed them out of trash cans and you can see the video I made on how to do it


Here (they) are painted red using the mustard technique for weathering.



And this is the final for my custom showing how they sit on the legs.




I'm also thinking about changing the molding process, scrapping the ones I have already made for ones I'm working on that are closer to the correct TK sizes and modify them for this.



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A friend of mine asked me if I could make a TI/IG back for him, and I did:

Here's the mold showing that it is indeed mine:


And here is a finished piece



On me for sizing:


And next to a (custom painted) Snow Trooper chest for sizing:


I've already done some reworking of the mold to smooth out some rough spots I didn't see until I made the first pull. But the main reason I'm showing this is because I was looking at what I could use to speed this thing along. So I cut a hole in the back and painted it red!


I realized after I painted it that I should have cut in the back strip (see the ref pic for that) so I'm planning on making even further mods to turn this into a CG back. If I do go into production :$ I'll make a mold specifically for this, but I like it for now.


Also, I've decided to not use the lower leg pieces for my custom Mando anymore, so I plan on repainting them to work for this costume.



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