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A couple of questions regarding the Anovos Shadow Stormtrooper kit.

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Hello all,


I pre-ordered the Anovos Shadow Stormtrooper kit a last month (or so). For reference, here's the link to what I bought. http://www.anovos.com/collections/the-i ... -pre-order It should be shipping around December, but whenever it arrives it arrives. icon_wink.gif But, I do have some questions prior to it's arrival.


The outfit is going to come in vacuformed sheets, so I will be doing all the cutting and assembly (the helmet is the only item that is completed in the shipment). Anovos linked out to a Tested.com video, where those guys are demonstrating the initial process of assembly. Hopefully they will release part II, hehe. Might anyone have any indispensable information for my future endeavor?


Will there be any problems getting the Anovos approved, and to what level might it be approved? Anovos doesn't include the Thermal Detonator, so I would be interested in where would be a good place to obtain one. Would lack of the detonator actually prevent approval? I will be interested in configuring some ventilation system in the helmet, and installing a comm system. Where might be a good vendor to obtain those items (I didn't notice this in the other armor threads)?


Finally, I ordered a blaster from Quest Design Canada https://www.etsy.com/listing/192791479/star-wars-stormtrooper-e-11-blaster-prop?ref=shop_home_feat_2 That should be shipping in about two weeks. The vendor has stated that his blasters have obtained level two certifications from the 501st, just looking for opinions on that fact. The blaster does look like a good quality replica.


Thanks in advance, and looking forward to trooping.

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Hard to say if the anovos stuff is good or not. I expect it to be ok due to the guys running the show being 501st, but that dosent mean guaranteed greatness.

Approval level is dependant on what you do, not the kit. So go hard and make it the best you can :)

I believe you will require a thermal det for an level approval. and I find it strange one isint included. maybe just the endcaps and detail board are there as you can get the pipe from any hardware supply shop.

for ventilation checkout evilboy on these forums. ;)

comms..? hyperdyne icomm and some others are out there somewhere.


goodluck and welcome aboard

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Hi Mike,


i actually ordered the TX kit as well from Anovos. From what i see the shipping date is definitely not December 2015, they mentioned something on wait time being a year and broadcasted that in August this year. So i'm guessing it wont be until August 2016 but i do hope i'm wrong.


As far as i know, the TD is a mandatory piece and based on the photo on the page there is a TD on the kit.


Ventilation wise do check EvilBoy's or you can buy some 5v fans and use a 9v battery to power them they're pretty straight forward.


Comm wise, i have no idea where to buy them in the States, i bought a set of speaker with mic and i hide the speaker behind my chest plate.


Hope that helps.

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Hi Kevin, thanks for the info. And yes, I misunderstood Anovos' timeline, and thought they were pressing their white troopers with the shadow. I do believe, though, I saw somewhere of a Spring 2016 timeline, so hoping it ends up closer to there. And yes, the thermo detonators are included, the description of them was included in their last email update.


I contacted Anovos about a hovi tip comm system, and they said their hovi tips will be removable, so those comm systems will work with their helmet.


I will look into the Evilboy vent system, thank you.

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I do have another question, this time about the boots.


I found this pair for $40 at Zappos, and they look like they would meet specifications. Does anyone have an opinion on these?



Also, has anyone had any luck finding these boots in wide sizes? I've always worn 10.5E boots, but every pair I've come across are all D's.


Thank you again...

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Those boots look nice. I personally have narrow feet, so I'm afraid I'm not of much help regarding width.

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I posted on the Anovos Facebook page asking for an update on the TX. They said they will start doing pulls after the regular TK and shipping is tentatively April-June 2016.


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Do we know if there are any updates recently regarding when the Anovos kits will ship out? I'm considering ordering the TX kit myself but am concerned about how it will fit and what quality the kit will be.


The most recent email from Anovos is the TX kits will ship Q2 2016. Kits will be shipped in the order they were taken, so orders now would most likely be sent in June---ish. I've seen a number of posts in other forums that the Anovos TK kits have been shipped and people are reporting their arrival and most excellent quality.

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I was worried about the frown as well. From looking at the earlier TK pulls, there was a noticeable difference with the teeth placement, but appeared to be corrected in later pulls. I've seen some that look perfect. The teeth are still a bit longer vs a WTF kit's bucket. Sadly no updates for the TX bucket though, other than the prototype.

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I saw one of these in person, and I dug how sharp the detail was. I also was pleased with the lack of symmetry. The only downside seems to be the sloppy frown.

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I have one of the Anovos TK ' S and an order for the shadow as well. I don't have much frame of reference being this is my first kit, but I think the quality is great. Some people have an issue with the frown but mine didn't have any over spray or anything and I am estatic with the value that I got for the money. I am sure the TX will be just as good, especially if you got in on tier 1 like I did both times.

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