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Functional rivets

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Hello guys, I have a doubt about the rivets on the left side of a Shadow Trooper armor. I was taking a look to Specialist program, and a total of 6 rivets must be placed on the left side, 3 on the abdomen side and 3 on the kidney side.


I saw pictures and I read several threads and in all of them the split rivets are used for joining both armor parts. My question is if it possible to use non functional rivets.


I know it's a strange question, but the case I use for transporting the armor it's not big enough to store assembled armor, and I need to keep all the armor pieces separated.


Thanks for the info

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What I should have done on my TD, and will be doing in the future for any of my stormtrooper type costumes, is to put the split rivets in, just not holding the strap. Then I would use the snap with snap square method to hold the straps. Gives you the look you are after but also gives the functionality and practicality of being able to take the ab and kidney sections apart. I do not have any pictures to show you now, but I am starting on a new TK, although its RMQ, the process will be the same and I will get pictures and share them when I get to that point.

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I didn't heard before about the chicago screws, are them approvable for the specialist program?


The thing is that I have snap to snap to hold the straps as Jason commented and if it's not necessary, I would prefer maintain the snaps and just add the rivets without functionality.


Thanks for the replies.

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