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New Swamp Trooper from WA


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Hey everyone, I've been thinking of what I want to do for my first build and after researching, Swamp Trooper it is. I'm excited to start this project. I've been looking through the forums and see SC is used as a basic set of armor and helmet. Are there anyone other ones that I should look at? I have my own spray booth and area to assemble everything. Any input is appreciated. Thanks

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My swampy is mostly SC parts. I agree that its a good choice.


If you go all the way with SC parts, I would recommend that before you paint that you round off the corners on the shoulder bells. All the sets of scout armor I have bought from him have a very square corner on the shoulders.

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I agree with Steve in both regards, SC being a solid choice and Chef being expensive. It's just kind of nice to not have to paint the armor.

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Thanks for the input everyone, ordering tomorrow from SC and will be starting build. Nows the waiting game for it to get here. It should blend in well with the evergreen state up here. Does my paint need to be a high gloss or can I make it more subdued with a darker green?

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