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General Weir list and build


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Hello fellow General Weir's,


Here is my list for my Shadow Scout General Weir and I'll have pictures up when I start building it and finish it.


The helmet- Kropserkel


The Shadow Scout armor- FAC


Flightsuit and boots - Amazon.com for a great price


Cummerbunds and bandiler- a friend who I'll be working with in my area


Weapons both DLT-19 and scout blaster- DLT-19 from the same person who I'm working with, the scout blaster maybe Hyperfirm.


Gloves- Wampawear


So that my list my friends.

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I assume you're aware of the potential wait period using FAC?


Personally I'd just clarify the lead time on his armour before parting with any money to make sure you are happy.


Yes I do because I have done business with him in the past before and his a great friend to me plus I have patience with him :)

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