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Sea Trooper on EBAY???

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Well it ... uhm ... it's very blue.


I hope someone doesn't buy it and come knocking on the department's door saying "here's my kit let me in".

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Yeah, actually the first seatrooper accepted in the Legion was a dark blue (Probably where he got the idea)... However, I believe that went away with the rest of the custom TKs. I do hope no one tries to get that one approved though. I'd hate to have to list the needed mods to bring it up to par for approval.



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It does say it's a custom and the 501st isn't mentioned anywhere. So it's not like it's totally misleading. Most of the time anyone is looking to join up they talk to a trooper of some kind anyway, and one of the first things most people tell them is to be careful of ebay and ask us before you buy.

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