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Can anyone help me Mod the rubies shadow trooper kit

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You can't effectively make the Rubies acceptable for a Shadow Stormtrooper. This is because that costume is based on the ANH stormtrooper whereas the Rubies, while a far cry from it, is based off the ROTJ stormtrooper. The major roadblock is that the trim is built into the Rubies suit. You can only have that for ROTJ-style suits, and cutting it from your armor will sacrifice it's shape.


You could go for the Novatrooper Sentinel as it is based on the ROTJ suit. Having said that, you still are going to have to do a few things:

1. Replace the helmet. The Rubies cannot be salvaged.

2. Re-strap everything as the stock strapping is crap and won't make the suit hang correctly on you.

3. Depending on your body size and shape, it is highly likely that you will have to re-size your armor pieces. The pieces are cemented together, so you will have to actually break them apart, risking severe damage, trim, and then re-glue together. Another problem is that this fiberglass material is not easy to bend to shape when you re-size.

4. You will need a better undersuit and gloves.

5. You will still need the proper boots.


This can all be done, but it is advanced, risky stuff. Having done this for my ROTJ suit, I will recommend to you that sell the Rubies on Ebay or something and get a proper kit.

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thanks, my wife is super handy, luckily all the pieces if not velcro are simply glued shut and can be easily opened.

I already modified the straps so it's not sellable now

I probably will take you up on turning it into the nova trooper sentinel since it's my only hope of salvaging my money

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I forgot about the hand plates. That's correct.


As far as cutting the armor, you can score it and snap it, but your risk breaking it as it is pretty thick, yet brittle fiberglass. Safest bet might be to use a dremel to cut and then sand your edges.

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Even if the strapping is modified, you likely could still sell it on ebay, as I am assuming you made it better. You can most likely breakeven on it and then we can help you get a proper kit. If you are determined to try and make it work, which could become a money crapshoot if you need to replace pieces, we'll still help you accomplish it.

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The Rubies armor and helmet are rotocast vinyl, which is bendable - but terrible to work on. I agree with DE, sell that dude on eBay and get some ABS armor. In the end, you'll look much better and be more happy.





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