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Rubies shadow trooper mod to nova trooper sentinel

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I am starting this thread to show you all my journey of moding a rubies shadow trooper into a nova trooper sentinel. Apparently I lucked out in that the sentinel is fashioned after a ROTJ armour kit but is black where as most shadow trooper costumes are fashioned after ANH. Luckily my neighbour is a plastic welder and has some specialized tools and we were easily able to cut the rubies armour. We used a heat gun to remould some pieces to sit better and i restrapped and re velcroed all the closures. Bucket is ordered from scootches and I will begin to build it after i get home from the field. Going to start the silver painting tonight. More pics to come. Super fun so far.





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I had some flaring issues and wasn't able to close the newly attached velcro all the way after i cut off the moulded edge of the rubies which allowed the original to close nicely. I was able to solve it by bending the plastic and some adjustments to the velcro itself and flaring out the ankle of calf armour ever so slightly. now there are no flare issues. It was a bit of a head scratcher at first. I thought I was in a bit of trouble but I solved it. Tools used: exacto knife to cut the velcro and elbow grease to bend the plastic.

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This is coming along nicely. I have a suggestion for you that will make it easier for the rest of us to view your photos: upload them to a Photobucket account and simply copy the IMG code from each photo directly into your posts. The photos will display nice and big.

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Massive improvement to that suit. I have a couple of suggestions. First, the shoulder straps are held together with the stock rivets. That is ok for base approval, but it is rarely done these days and tends to be one of the easy-to-spot hallmarks of a Rubies suit. I suggest drilling out those rivets and replacing the shoulder straps entirely with a new pair using E6000 or something similar. It will make the biggest difference on your suit of my suggestions.


Second, the belt is ok being plastic, but you will look much stronger with black canvas.


Third, what are your gloves made of? Are they the stock material? If so, you will want to replace those with something else. The CRL calls for black rubber, leather, or nomex. Run to the hardware store and get a super-affordable pair of black chemical gloves and be done with it.


As for the holster, the Sentinel is not seen on screen with a holster, so it is acceptable to not have one. He's a bit of an anomaly that way.


Aside from the gloves, the rest of suggestions that will polish your look. Amazing job!

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