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TX Fem custom build feedback thread

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Hi everyone,


I posted on the non TX related but Iguess this kind of is?


This is a custom build by a prop maker ( Oota Goota) and myself. Bit of a fan build. I have an Approved TK and I was wondering if there was any possibility of a suit like this being approved? I know there is not specific CRL for it as it's fem however, it has the potential to have all elements of the male suit ie: rivets, buttons, holster etc. It can be done easy. I'd really like to be part of the Spec ops here in New Zealand.


There are two sniper plates as we chose to elongate the female form however, an ammo plate can be put on the right leg and the right sniper cap removed. The helmet is a male helmet and just for the convention just been I put silver tube strips instead of the black for vanity purposes to be honest. Easy to put on the required black. Please note I've cut the male helmet musch smaller and heat bent it to be smaller whilst keeping true to the male form.


The fem different elements are female chest, back, ab, kidney, groin and but. The rest are from a male mould that I have modified to be a little more feminine,


Please all feedback is welcome. The ab plate in my opinion as a form needs to be deeper and it is a tight fit to get it inside the chest plate but not impossible.


The suit was received really well at the convention.



Many thanks!


TK 14289 ( wannabe TX)






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Unfortunately, there is no reference for such a trooper. Being that it is a custom costume, it will not be able to be approved. Looks cool though. Nice job. You look great, and I'm sure it will be a hit at cons.

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