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INC command officer?

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Hello all, I need help. While playing Star Wars the Force Unleashed (Wii) I came across an officer I was not familiar with. This officer was dressed in Black boots and pants; White officer tunic; Black helmet (open face), bells & knee guards; Light Blue chest & back armor. The helmet was like the Imp Navy Commando, while the rest reminded me of Gen Veers armor. The first appearance was in the chapter called Dark Felucia where he was seen solo in front of an Imperial Shuttle, here he actually talks to Starkiller! Other officers dressed just like him are seen in chapters labeled Imperial Raxus Prime and Death Star; each of these appearances (there are many) are in the company of Imperial Navy Commandos. I'm trying to figure out if this is an Imperial Security Bureau officer or an Imperial Navy Commando command officer. Wii makes it hard to screenshot & upload but, it can be watched on YouTube under "Star Wars the Force Unleashed Wii walkthrough" I don't know if they are in the game on other consoles or not. If any of you could take a look and tell me what you think, it would be a great non-canon officer if it is ISB or INC!

Thanks evryone.

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I'm afraid I don't have time to watch a walkthrough. Try to find an image please. Sounds intriguing.

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Well, according to the "Wookieepedia", these are Imperial 'Stormsurgeons', assigned to both ground and naval forces, these probably being assigned to the Imperial Naval Commandos as they are who this character is usually found with. This can be found on Wookieepedia under a search for Imperial Medic. Thanks.

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i wouldn't mind working on this in the future it seems very straight forward. i need to still make my first outfit but i would like to make the medic in the future, from what i have seen it's pretty much at-at commander hard armor. the tunic would have to be made because of a blue line along the arms, the pants confuse me a bit i think there what the imp navy commando wear so may have to wear a suit under the tunic. i'll try to get some pics to use.

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