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Novatrooper Variants?


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Hey everyone, so I was looking through my screenshots from SWG for some Darktrooper pics and found some interesting things.


This first pic is a Novatrooper Medic. The only difference being red stripes instead of gold.




This other guy is called an Assault Trooper. He has the gold stripes of a Nova but with white armor. :yucky:




So yeah just thought I would share those interesting screenies I found.





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Yep I'm still playing SWG (on the Shadowfire galaxy), and Mustafar was the last expansion. They actually reactivated all the accounts for a week for free, so you can check out the game on your old account this week (you also get a fedora and whip for some reason). Here's a link to the article:




Anyway I'm thinking about trying to do the Medic (see if I can get it approved for a new costume) once I'm done sculpting over parts for my Darktrooper helmet, shoulder, biceps and forearms. All are conveniently the pieces that are needed for this, except the calf armor and knee plate which I would need. I'll see how it goes.




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Alright here's some pics of the Assault Trooper. I also snagged some pics of Shocktrooper armor from the game. Here's a link to the album.




Update: Finally found the Novatrooper Medic and obtained the 360 pics. The pictures are in the same album with the Assault Trooper pics and are undisturbed. The first pic is reduced in size but the original is in there. :woot:






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THe best thing to have along with the 360 pics is an in-game shot that shows the name above the unit. You'll notice with the Novatrooper medic I included pictures with it targeted and you can see the name above it's head.



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