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Finally got around to doing the Weir Boxes!

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Well... amongst the absolute nightmare than is my world currently, I have managed to fire up the printer and run some prototypes off of the General Weir boxes..


Not all of them are done at the moment (printer is still running!) These have taken probably the best part of 30 hours to print off (probably more). The four large square boxes I am currently doing are going to take 8 hours alone!


Surface quality needs some fettling, but then I am only just getting to grips with this new technology.


But not bad... for a first attempt.


I think the full set of boxes should weigh in under a kilo.







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I saw these on FB this morning and have been wanting to tell you how much promise they show, especially from a weight and accuracy standpoint. Great start Chef.

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I did the CAD designs based off this picture from Rogue Leader, as it was the one which showed all of the boxes.





Then used this close up for the weird 'dome' shaped one on the left shoulder.




I may adjust the 'ammo case' style one yet... not quite decided.

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Just the wide box to go and I'm done.






Weight wise they're coming in at a shade over 500g for the entire set, not including the length of webbing or a buckle. Which I don't think is too shabby.

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Weight is one of the obstacles to the Weir bondoliers IMHO, so 3D printed not only looks fantastic but it allows minimal weight against the armor. They should be quite simple to keep in place.

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Shipping wise... I don't think the weight will be the issue, it will be the size. There is a fair bit there, but it should all fit in what would qualify for a 'small' parcel.


On that basis, postage to the US "tracked" 5-7 days delivery time would be £15.


At the moment, I think these are looking to come out at £75 a set, due to the massive print time (it is 40+ hours!). So with shipping that's £90, which works out at $135 if my maths are correct (well, xe.com). Although check that with Paypal, as I think their 'exchange rate' differs from the usual one.

As I've mentioned before, exchange rates and shipping are a bit of a killer for you chaps in the US. Nothing I can do about that unfortunately. Unless you want to convince my missus to move to the US! in which case, they'd probably cost you half that!



But I am on the tweak... got some upgrades parts coming for the printer, ordered some spangly new filament which I am assured by a man who knows is much better quality, adjusted some of the settings so we'll see how that little lot turns out.

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I am.... although been somewhat sidelined with other stuff.



Here are the final items. I did manage to make up a set for myself and get them all strapped up ready for CE3.



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