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Live Wire 5244 Shadow Scout build


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So a few years back I bought this scout trooper kit to make for my wife. We got real close to having it approved, then they went and totally changed the CRL on us...(thanks Blu-Ray). So now she has this unfinished kit and most likely will never spend the extra cash for the special under suit, so it currently is not being used at all. Sooo... My thought is that I would paint it black and join you fine people. Please take a look over the pieces I have and let me know what you think. If it only involves painting it black, getting a flight suit big enough for myself, getting new black soft parts, and a new pair of black boots... then I am down.


Here is the link to the pieces that I have




Thanks for all of your help ;)

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The wife not interested in a shadoe scout?


You have boots already?


The wife actually has never even seen Star Wars... She was just doing it to appease me lol. And no boots yet. The only boots I have are white biker boots, ladies size 8.

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Unfortunately, you can't use the same jumpsuit for both. The major issues is that the scouts don't have visible pockets whereas the TIE pilot has some very specific pockets that must be visible.

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I will hopefully be putting the paint on the pieces soon after I re-fit the to my larger size. Where is a good painting tips post that I can follow?


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